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You axed for it ! MEME THREAD!


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Mar 19, 2012
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Actually Bill this meme is quite accurate.
Ted Cruz was leading a handful of Congressmen to delay the election results from being certified by Congress due to election fraud.
After the Capital breach lead by a handful of FBI agents, their informants, various other agitators, and antifa members imbedded in with the 01-06 protester's , Congress was evacuated from the Capital building only to
return after hours in the wee morning hours to certify this fraudulent election.
This was the result caused by this handful of traitors.
Capitol Insurrection Updates
'Will Not Be Intimidated': After Insurrection, Congress Blocks State Objections
Two days later on 01-08 President Trump is permanently banned from Twitter and other social media sites leaving him voiceless to communicate to his supporters as the main stream media refused to acknowledge anything that
he had to say as they were running 24x7 coverage demonizing any and all Trump supporters still arguing the stolen election.
Anyone sitting on the fence about the election fraud was silenced as they didn't want anything to do with the Jan 6th protest due the media's rampant lies of what had actually occurred." Worse than 911" - an "insurrection against
democracy" etc etc. non stop .
So yes there was a plan that was implemented that silenced any talk of election fraud due to the Jan 6th "emergency" which pushed FJB into office . Was the drunken Nancy Pelosi the ringleader behind this plot to steal the election from the American people or was she merely a minion following orders ? The end results are the same.
Maybe the Jan 6th video release will shed some light on all of the lies fed to the American People by everyone involved in stealing this election and the coverup that allowed it to occur.
Not Bullshit Bill... you were there yourself as was my brother and I.
I know all about this. Had J6 not happened, our trusty Republicans would have done some serious talking. They might even have raised their voices. They might even have used foul language. And blah blah blah. They would have gotten this thing done just like Obama care. And the NFA. Just more blah blah blah.

Of course our adversaries twisted the events of the day. That's what they do. They didn't have this planned. And they pulled out all the stops to twist it too. The Republicans who were in on it exposed themselves, and that was the last straw for me as far the Rs were concerned.

The only people to blame for how it turned out were the people who bought their bullshit. Shame on the American people for being so gullible.

Luv ya, but 'If only those Pesky Trump supporters hadn't have caused a disturbance we would have stopped the democrats from stealing the election" is the most pathetic gush of vomit to leak out of GOP so far.

Edit: Sh_t. Sorry. Forgot we were in the Meme thread. Dammit Douglas - got me all excited.
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