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WTS: AR15 Upper Receiver, 18 in. 223 Wylde


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Jul 14, 2017
Chinese colony on west coast
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Hello everyone,

Got too many uppers and this one isn't useful for me anymore as I have since upgraded.
This is a COMPLETE AR15 upper receiver (CH, BCG, etc.) with an 18" .223 Wylde SPR style stainless steel barrel made by Ballistic Advantage. It has a pinned low profile gas block and some generic Midwest industries muzzle brake, attached via crush washer and correctly timed.
The upper receiver itself and free float rail are both Aero, with the rail system being an Aero Quantum handguard (15"). It has the factory rail section attached near the muzzle for mounting backup irons. The barrel nut was torqued to 50 ft/lbs and all screws, bolts, etc. (aside from the muzzle device, obviously) were torqued to the manufacturer's specifications with a torque screwdriver and have been attached with Blue Loctite.
The face of the receiver was lapped using a Brownells lapping tool and compound and the barrel was shimmed before being sealed into the receiver with green Loctite. This is a reversible procedure, but I'd suggest getting a solid wooden dowel and clamping the upper into a vice before tapping it out from the rear as it's a very solid fit.
The bolt carrier is of unknown make but is MPI marked. Charging handle is generic milspec.
I used this rifle to test MK262 clone handloads and have probably ~200-300 rounds through the rifle. BA claims all their barrels are "sub-MOA" with a 3 shot group, but that's not really statistically significant. My average came out to 1.25-1.5 MOA with my handloads, admittedly more focused on reaching target velocity with acceptable accuracy rather than making dime sized groups. Either way, it's been shot enough that the barrel should be broken in to the point of reaching its full accuracy potential.
Note that the rail and barrel are both quite heavy; the overall weight of this upper is 5 lbs 4.1oz without sights. The rail feels closer to a baseball bat as far as sturdiness goes and is very thick. I would not suggest trying to rig this up with anything more than a flashlight off the front unless you want a benchrest type gun as it'll become unpleasantly front heavy.

I'm looking for $425 shipped for this upper receiver group, but if you have something you'd like to trade I don't mind. Quality optics or ammunition (308, 5.56 M193) preferred. Can meet FTF in San Diego, CA area.
Accepting payments via Paypal (F&F), money order, cashier's check, or cash. Thanks for looking.


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