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SOLD: Thread closed-Inch bits,various 'dates'-'58 Lower,'83 Barrel,'60 Carrier,'85 Maranyl HG's,Carry Handle, Nice Topcover w/1 tab broken

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Oct 24, 2006
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6-1-23- all items sold and such. I will remove the pics to free up a wee bit of server space and lock the thread.

3-18-2023 updated the listing, items sold are marked sold. Barrel and Carry handle are still available.
Hey all, I have been going through the garage and found some more non matching inch bits that I will not be using so hopefully you guys can find something to help complete any 'date code' specific Inch builds .

The Standard MP rule is in effect so 'I'LL Take It' is the key phrase of the day.

Shipping is not included in the price but it will be the actual cost. On the smaller stuff I can go 1st class or priority mail-PM includes $100 or 150 ins automatically. The larger stuff will be PM and I can add extra ins or add sig required in lew of the ins if you like. Also PLEASE let me know of any special requirements you need for delivery due to goblins and such.

I will accept cash sent discretely(I use a cheap card in a manilla envelope),USPS MO, personal check from established or long time members ,members I have dealt with before and will also do PP FnF with the NO G WORDS ,NONE,NADA rule .

Now that all that stuff is out of the way,let us get to it. Please have a look at the pics and if more or a particular area is needed ask me and I will get to it asap.

SOLD-1- Inch Lower complete with everything,D 58 code ,unusual in that it has the code and serial double stamped 1 above the other.Trigger is D60,Sight has the arrows,takedown plunger has the D and arrow.Has what looks like a 'Q' stamped on the LHS behind the lever.Also lever is a 'pointed one' not the big round mushroom head version. The lower appears all original,plastic furniture has the look and feel of 60 yrs of handling,black paint finish does not appear to be a respray. Only odd thing is the popscicle is smooth black plastic and has a '1A' in a circle(?) Late replacement? Overall a nice lower you can install and run with it.
Anyway, asking $350 for it.

SOLD-2-Inch Carrier, D60 stamped on top ,has all kinds of stamps and proofs(Commonwealth love their stamps!),parked type finish seems original, quite a few small little scratches but pretty damn nice over all.
Asking $50 for it

SOLD-3-Maranyl Handguard set D85 stamped on the inside of the HG, metal is nice and straight, plastic has NO cracks or damage and the set has not been refinished in any way. The set matches up very good ,has what I call the typical slight bend,like so it adds tension /creates tension when in the hg ring to make the set'tighter'(?) all sets I have had over the years are like this.Comes with the screw.
Asking $45 for the set

SOLD-4-Carry handle in very nice shape with no damage ,just some typical paint chips in the finish and kind of typical smoother texture from use,but the mold lines and still visible.
Asking $15 for it

SOLD-5-Inch topcover,nice finish,no dings and such,only issue is 1 tab is broken off .Finish is nice enough not to need being redone.
Asking $25 for it.

Price change 4/7- 6-Barrel,D82 and gas block is D83(HOWEVER the barrel and the GB DO appear to be original mated pair from production), CAI stamped on the underside in front of the GB and bobbed/crowned to 20". Bore is NICE,exterior finish is a park with some black paint at the barrel flats only. finish is very good over all with some surface scratches that will be under the HG's. The barrel has a plethora of stamps and proofs on it . The only bad thing is the flats have vice/angry beaver teeth marks. NOT done by me! Other than this the barrel looks great and I say could be installed with out any refinish. If you decide to rethread the muzzle and install a FH it is only down by 1 inch from 21"... BUT I am a pragmatic person and would not let an inch keep me from making an accurate L1A1 rifle...hell I have had people say 'nice hk' when I have carried my FAL at a show looking for goodies........99% of people have no clue...only the ones who come from FAL inhabited areas do.
Asking $250-SHIPPED for barrel

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions PLEASE POST HERE AND NOT VIA PM,that way others can see and hopefully avoid duplicate questions and such.

Sorry about jumbled pics, i cannot seem to get them to upload in order lately......
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Feb 11, 2010
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The lower looks like it had its original serial number reapplied with hand stamps (perhaps by a field armorer?) and then had the complete marking reapplied during a base workshop rebuild.

I've seen that a couple of other times, also with BSA lowers...they seemed to engrave their serial numbers lightly.
Please reply by conversation.