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There Is Talk In Russia About Hitting Targets In The U.S. Because Nuclear War Has Become “Inevitable”


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FALaholic #
Sep 22, 2020
West coast
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About the only nukes Russia has are mobile launchers and most of them will fail. They'll do some damage
to some European cities but that's about it

Submarines you say,
The US and NATO is tracking all of them. They'll all be destroyed within 24 hrs. It'll
be interesting if they get a successful launch and a high order detonation.

Command and control you say
Russia doesn't have one. In Russia, it'll look like something the Three Stooges would do. There'll
be all kinds of running around and screaming but it'll just end up being a tragic comedy

Aircraft launch you say
With the Russian junk they call aircraft? Bring it on, they'll just be shot down
I think with over 400,000 dead Ukraine soldiers it's pretty obvious Russia knows how to wage war. Globalist love to tell us how weak and stupid the Russians are but the number of dead speaks the truth.

Personally I don't want to find out how good the Russians are with nukes, it's the height of fools and foolishness to think they aren't dangerous.