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The New FalFiles Basic Rules



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Oct 14, 2003
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Below is the set of posted rules everybody should have seen and read during the log in period. They have been up and posted since the new version of the FalFiles came into existence. There are other Posted Rules associated with specific Forums in addition to these.

1. Un-civil conduct is not permitted on this board – do not post threads or replies for the purpose of abusing members of this board - honest reviews are permitted – gratuitous insults are forbidden. Do not respond in-kind if you are personally insulted.

2. Racist posts of any sort will not be tolerated.

3. Use great discretion before posting any remarks solely for the purpose of disparaging persons or groups who may or may not be members of this board. It is not possible to write a rule that is sufficiently inclusive or exclusive on this subject. The management of the board has full discretion to limit this sort of activity in any context where it may appear.

4. Do not re-post topics that were closed by moderators. If you object to the administrative choices made by the moderators, you are welcome to contact the moderators directly. While it is unlikely that decisions to close topics will be reversed, your opinion will be considered if it is presented in a thorough, coherent and respectful manner.

5. If you feel a post is in violation of any of these rules, use the “Report this post to a moderator” tool that appears at the lower right-hand corner of every post on this board.

6. While this list applies to all areas of the board, this list is not intended to be inclusive of every rule that may apply to this board. The Marketplace forum has a number of rules you should review before posting there. There are separate announcements pertaining to copyrighted material.

Rules may be added, and these rules may change, without particular notice. Members are responsible for using good judgment at all times, and are responsible for knowing the current rules for conduct on this board.