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Thanksgiving away from home


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May 20, 2005
Ft Mudge Az
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Thanksgiving away from home.
I have spent a number of Thanksgivings away from home due to either being in the military or at work (shift work).
The military does do a good job about providing a Thanksgiving dinner for the troops despite wartime or how isolated a posting is.
One that I remember is our Ice Breaker Polar Star was headed to the Antarctic for Operation Deep Freeze and we were in the inland water way south of Valparaiso Chile. We combined the Officer's mess the Chiefs mess and the Enlisted mess to cook and serve dinner.

The Auxillary gangs two First class Petty officers Mark Sprinkle and Steve Barrett led us through the serving line, Steve handed his tray over and pointed to what he wanted. We had turkey and roast beef and the normal sides plus all kinds of pie. When Steve got to the end he had quite the tray full of food, he wanted pie so he had them put it on top! 🙂 He did eat it all! It was probably the best Thanksgiving away from home, good times! DF 88!


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Nov 26, 2012
Sierra Vista AZ
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Laying quietly in a hide one Thanksgiving morning, no one able to move for days on end, danger close, we were all wet, cold, muddy, the weather was about as bad as I'd seen it on that little hill top, when the sun broke through the cloud cover, first time in ten days or so.
The boss crawled over to where I had sunk down into the muck,
"doc, can everyone move"?
"pack your stuff up, we're out of here in 10!"

Took three days to work into that area, normally took 5/6 days to get out to our pick up point, but after 3 hours, I began to hear aircraft overhead, a lot of aircraft, which was never a good omen for us, and then we were facing into a little clearing, just as a Chinook was landing!
Out popped the crew chief, waving like mad for us to board, and run like hell we all did too!:)LOL

On and off ground in 30 seconds or less,,,,,

We were all looking at one another, like what the fuck is going on,just happened, and down walked our old fat black mess Sgt,,,,passing out ice cold Buds!

When he got to me,,,,,What the fuck is going on Sarge?"

He smiled, handed me a beer, and leaned forward, screaming, " We all decided you guys would not be late for Thanksgiving dinner!"


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Oct 9, 2002
Right here
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At [redacted], the zeros and sncos not on duty would take some of juniors' shifts.

The HHC 1SG & I sat on top of a mini-mountain OP/LP
and ended the 18.00-06.00 watch tracking a ship come out of the western dark
and slip past our position.


You had to be there.

We had the Turkey MRE, IIRC