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Suppressor ready holster


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Jul 29, 2021
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Been interested in a suppressor ready holster for a while but the options I found didn’t quite fit my wants. Standard Co Holsters came out with this a couple years back for the X300 lights and I was intrigued. They’ve since released it for the TLR-1, X400, and PL350 lights.

I purchased the TLR-1 version which works for TLR-1, TLR-1S, and TLR-1HL. The design puts all of the retention on the light while still covering the trigger guard to allow you to swap different handguns and different suppressors without needing multiple holsters. It also works without a suppressor attached.

Not sure I’ll be rocking my Obsidian 45 around the woods too many times but it’s nice to have the option for at the range. I’m envisioning this would work really nicely with shorter suppressors for carry
Attaches To qbl, ubl, and Tek-lok

Retention can be adjusted. I tried it with fnx-45 tactical, sp01 tactical, Glock 21, and Polymer80 CL and all fit without issue

18804971-3592-40DA-9AAA-5B33C4EE3213.jpeg 10E75D7F-A627-4A4A-8D2E-0A7AFD9AAE3A.jpeg E5B41765-6871-43ED-ADA1-1058381F2248.jpeg D8F89D11-264C-4126-8224-7D1331E79162.jpeg


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Aug 25, 2014
Foothills of the Blueridge Mountains
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Appreciate that, been having to use IPSC race holsters or custom altered. Between drop leg panels which are now mounted on battle belts and blast belts have three rigs can pull on and majority of support is a tube/pouch on drop leg panel suppressor slides in then a chopped up holster on belt that secures pistol enough its not flopping but as move and bend they don't bind with suppressor attached to thigh and pistol attached to waist belt.

Ability to pull on overt NIJ 3+ or NIJ 4 vest (sans groin flap) then click on blast belt with additional gear, ballistic protection and pistol with can attached is convenient. Two currently carry high capacity full duty size SIG 9mms and one a SIG 1911 Tacops. Run 147 grain HPs in the 9mm and most full power 147 grain 9s are subsonic with an occasional transonic crack but learned the ammo that does not give a surprise pop. Running 240 grain HPs in the 45 so if carrying rifle but need to place a low signature shot go to the pistol, crack that sentry with a DNS shot the brain stem and keep moving.

Getting to old to do the movie method of sneak up and cut throats or use garrote to remove their head or choke them down. Found a box of USGI Gulf issue battle belts pilfering today and going to set one up to carry a bull barrel Ruger Mk II rimfire with my biggest, quietest rimfire can and Aguilar 69 grain Sniper Subsonics. The rig in OP may replace my homebrew equipment.