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Summer ammo plan


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Mar 23, 2018
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I cleared 3500 rounds last year, mostly classes and range trips to sight in
My closest outdoor range is an hour away, so I usually spend 4-5 hours
There to make it worth 5he trip
Most classes are 7hrs and 500rnd minimum which you usually only go through


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Sep 22, 2020
West coast
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Finally finished my 45 Colts. Been loaded for days but the guy I bought the bullets from put too much lube on them.

As t cranked out 100 at a time the extra lube got on my new cases so I had to wipe them down one at a time.

None of my other lead has that much lube thank God.

Club still has Unique powder but $52 a pound. Cheaper than a hazardous material charge.

Thinking a way to cut cost is with less variety in my ammo. Probably get it down to one load per caliber.
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Nov 6, 2006
Central PA
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I plan to shoot all of my ammo this summer. I figure we're gonna have rolling gun battles in the streets the way shit is going...


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Apr 16, 2008
Converse, Indiana
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I don't shoot near as much nowadays, but I do get into a session out back of my house. I leave the steel out all year and sneak out when people are gone for a box or two of handgun stuff.

Fortunately I cast/lube and load my own....but have you seen the price on 50-70,45-90 or 50-90 brass lately....it's horrifying
Too bad you are not close to me (north central Indiana) as I have a whole bag of loaded 45-90 cartridges my shooting buddy loaded up that I'd sell off as "components". I don't have a rifle in that caliber, just a 45-70 and I don't want to take them down, shorten and reload them as I have enough 45-70.



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Aug 25, 2014
Foothills of the Blueridge Mountains
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Currently is not normal times for me (still on medical time out) but normally shoot 250 to 500 rounds of centerfire handgun per week when at work because have sixty foot two lane indoor range. Traps stop up to 7.62×39 cast plus all handgun rounds including full bore 454 Casull Mag. I mostly shoot single stack 1911s but always have one of my old IPSC compensated 45s, a well done bushingless 5" 1911, Browning Hi Power, Smith M19 357, Dan Wesson swap barrel 44 Mag and S&W M60 38 special in my work safe for training. At least once a week make it a point to run at least fifty rounds through my SIG SA/DA 40 Smith double stack which is my "work carry" and most often carried pistol except for 1911s to church and doctors.

Shoot 48 to 60 rounds (12 round mags in my 40) in mix of DA from the draw to some double taps, slow fire SA and one mag I holster (Level 3 retention holster so two locks to manipulate) draw and fire two rounds for speed and repeat for six repetitions so with others get at least eight to ten "draw from the drop" repetitions. After fire my 48 to 60 rounds clean pistol (gets really grungy in a wood shop, metal fab shop, spray booth, crawling in dirt environment), after it's been fully cleaned and oiled run a half mag down the pipe to verify reassembled correctly and ready to work. Wipe it down, run dry patch down bore reload with carry ammo and holster. This is my most carried pistol design thus shot weekly and second most used. Almost always carry 1911s in usually higher threat, higher crowd situations plus my favorite defensive handgun so are shot two to three days per week.

The Hi Power, Dan Wesson and M60 get run maybe two to three times per month and the S&W M19 once or.twice a week. Now have over a dozen SIG 2022s (when $275 out the door with two mags, mag pouch and retention holster was buying one or two a week) most in 40 Smith but also 357 SIG and 9mm and every LBE staged in house has a 2022 with caliber that seems to best suit rifle it's backing up or if LBE suppressor on board match the can. Have an Osprey 9 and Osprey 45 so two primary kits need pistols sized to work with those two cans. Use one of my TiRants on my SIG 1911 TACOPS that stays under my pillow and other TiRant is usually on one of my 458 SOCOM AR 15 SBRs. Have two 9mm Scionocs cans (rubber wipe full auto cans) that live on M11s on "battle belt" setups.

Pretty much any handgun I pick up have shot it or a very similar at least weekly, twice a week to at least twice a month. Work rig has two spare mags in paddle style mag pouch weak side and with mix of sawdust, welding splatter, paint over spray and dirt they get mangy fast. Make it a point to clean them and their ammo with more care than the pistol. About every six to eight weeks will notice the rounds closest to top of mag are showing some tarnish/discoloration so will take the top four to six rounds of each and run them downrange so fully aware of the different recoil impulse of handloaded cast and Hornady Critical Duty while rotating my older carry ammo.

Also shoot 100 rounds per week offhand indoors (if open double doors from offices to shop get 75 feet to bullet traps) using my shop 10/22. Seems to take as much skill for me to shoot 75 foot groups offhand with my 10/22 (2.1 pound trigger, Houge overmolded stock, heavy taper stainless match barrel, 4-16x scope and suppressor) indoors. Any issues with breathing, trigger control, timing shots, etc will show up at 75 feet using a mild match grade rimfire and good ammo.

Always try to stop at local range once a week when close and will always have a upper tier build 10/22, AR in variety of calibers, bolt rifle plus my truck rifle and any handguns may throw in. Shooting rimfire at 100 yards helps the wind reading skills. Having to break the sear when wind is consistent to previous and is similar to 250 yards with centerfire but 50 rounds of 22 and helps ability to time with environmental input. Will usually take one of my ARs to verify optics or duty ARs and run some drills. 60 to 100 rounds per trip seems to be enough when averaging three to five range trips per month. If take bolt rifle it's to verify glass, test a load or run some ladders. Always take one big magnum revolver when go to range as like to at least get in a fifty count box at 100 yards.

Until this latest "medical time out" always took at least one tactical pistol class and one or two tactical carbine classes per year. Nothing like running a kill house with professional instruction/critique to help keep one tuned up. Also like to attend about a half dozen or so "club matches" per year from IPSC, IDPA, 3 Gun, IHMSA for training not competing. More I can vary my routine the more prepared I feel.

All that aside I still say my best training is killing varmints. Right now it's 80% to 85% of my shooting. Went almost a full year without firing a round while at worst of this spell then came home from a trip to hospital to find wife had bought me a tripod for back deck and had and awning put up over it. Squirrel had gotten so bad she was shooting them but with her chucking a 10/22 or 22 Hornet turn bolt in the tripod I was able to hobble out back door onto deck and kill whatever varmints were moving about. Killing squirrels, chipmunks, ground hogs, coyote and crow from the deck or patio is about as good of "real life" rifle training as it gets. It requires all skills from trigger control to accuracy, calculating lead, erratic movement, etc. Average year I kill over 500 squirrel and dozens of ground hogs (all ground hogs in neighbors yards as it's my mission to keep them from establishing themselves on my property) just stepping out side door or back door, especially when able to work but with new apartments behind me and car lot beside me that may be over when go back to work. Use Eley 38 grain subsonic HP to kill squirrel at work and average year I get about nine months out of a brick and have better than 90% one shot kill as it's a no miss zone as bullet crosses work property line it's in the city and becomes criminal.

Coyote and wild pigs are good skill builders especially if have a group in range trying to escape and rolling them up using night vision. Have finally gotten back to shooting about fifty rounds per month in back yard (three bullet traps and a nice burm at 100 yards) so now that two houses left and two houses right of us are presently unoccupied don't even have to run suppressors. Even occupied do not "have to" but run cans just trying to be a decent neighbor. After a year off the trigger except dry fire training was pleasantly surprised when came home to the rifle rest and awning my running down squirrel to 100 yards with rimfire and past 150 with 22 Hornet skills came right back like had not been off the trigger but till recently couldn't support weight of rifle without the tripod.

Can handle my lighter rimfire rifles, 22 Hornet turn bolts and 5.56 AR 15s for a few magazines and wife even had me out a couple weeks ago on a nice day with goal of us each running 100 rounds of 7.62×39 160 grain cast. Got through it, was accurate but after slapping in stripper clips, chasing reactive targets around the back yard and got brass swept up all the muscles they sliced removing the tumors from my back were aching. Only MBRs would want to run are my 6mm and 6.5mm from a rest or bipod.

Have been putting three or four mags per month through a 1911 and running one of my 2022s in 9mm once a month for a couple of three mags. Can run fifty rounds of rimfire from one of my match pistols but then the strain on the chopped up muscles and connective tissue begins to cause me to pull shots so lay it down. But ability to run 5.56 ARs when coyote are lurking or ground hogs out of Hornet range, shooting varmints more days than not off my tripod and one or two short pistol sessions per month feel the skills coming back. Have to use a plastic 1911 simulator (super light, clean trigger that automatically resets) as start back practicing from the draw. To hold hands above ears, snatch a full weight pistol out of holster when timer beeps and it's too much right now unless limit repetitions but am working the lightweight trainer a little more each week tracking actual number of draws and thinking soon can start using one of my lightweight commanders to do dry fire drills with a real pistol. When out in public am 100% confident if had to snatch out my 1911 and run into the second or even third magazine shots will go where aimed and will get it done. Same with my truck rifle but after a gunfight (let's compare to running two IPSC, IDPA or 3 Gun lanes) would feel beat up and spend next couple of days in bed on ice packs.

But have figured out, 45+ years of solid training doesn't just disappear if have to take a few months to a year off the trigger. Watched a show where they pulled in several famous snipers from GWOT all the way back to Gulf 1 and early Gulf 2 who admitted were not training to recreate some of their most renown shots from long distance to driver of moving car through windshield and most were able to make those shots again without the daily "in field" and daily "back home" training with unlimited premium government supplied ammo and premium rifles. Seemed to take them a couple tries on first two tasks then all that cumulative training and muscle memory came back and shots hooked up like a machine, even those 600 meter high crosswind shots on running targets in high gusting winds.

No, I don't think a guy can take two years off the trigger then come win the IPSC world championship off the couch but bet he wouldn't embarrass himself. My alma mater has multiple shooting teams, school is just three miles from home and when I get fully recovered I plan to go hang out and support the team plus get trigger time in under a formal training regimine. They have three college age alumni shooting at Paris in the Olympics and one kid that's a senior that's an alternate in case someone drops out.