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Reference Books on Webbing/LBE

NZ L1A1 Collector

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Jul 21, 2000
New Zealand
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Here are a couple of books I use as reference for my webbing identification: -

Webbing / LBE

SADDLE UP, Australian Load Carrying Equipment of British, American & Local Origin.
By Rick Landers

Hard cover with dust jacket, 128 pp, approx 250 illust. plus 8-page full colour illustrated section with appropriate uniforms and small arms, 11 x 8½ in., 1998.

The pouches, slings, haversacks, leather & webbing, bandoliers, frogs from earliest Colonial days in the eighteenth century to current issues, and on into the future.

by Summers, Jack L.

Hard cover, 160pp, 400+ illus., 8.75x11.25; well issustrated survey of load carrying accoutrements: belts, pouches & bags, of armies of Canada from purchases made between 1855-1985;

Bayonet Frogs

by Anthony Carter.

Hard cover, 168 pp. Nearly 600 illustrations. Covers major nations of world. Index of German manufacturers.

Anyone know of any others that can be added to help the budding webbing collector?

Brian in MN

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Jul 23, 2000
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Field Equipment of teh Infantry 1914-1945

Robert Fisch

Published 1989
Greenberg Publishing Co, Inc.
7566 Main Street
Sykesville, MD 21784


cartridge belts, knapsacks, haversacks, boots, mess equipment, entrenching tools, gas masks, shelter halves.

B&W and color pics. Even a few pics at the end of "Infantryment of the China Relief Expedition, 1900-1901.


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Oct 14, 2002
Eastern PA
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Good post Kevin, I'll add a few.
I concentrate mostly on the WWI-Viet Nam USGI gear and accoutrements. Here's a cross section of gear books, although sometimes the best info comes from others that just have a section on gear, or books primarily on weapons that include there respective gear.

US Marine Corps Uniforms & Equipment in WWII
By, Jim Moran Published by, Windrow & Greene Ltd.
Hard cover, 140pgs, 250+photos, 8 full color page section.
Very complete coverage including some field mods. Lot's of actual field pics.

The WWII GI US Army Uniforms 41-45 in color Photographs
By, Richard Windrow & Tim Hawkins Published by, Motorbooks International
Hard cover, 144pgs, 250+full color pic's.
Good coverage of uniforms, webbing and field equipment, some rigger made.

Uniforms & Equipment of US Military Advisors in Viet Nam 57-72
By, Paul W. Miraldi Published by, Schiffer Military History
Hard cover, 244pgs, 500+ all full color pic's
Excellent coverage of early equipment, uniforms, weapons, localy made items, lots of field pic's.

Uniforms & Equipment of UA Army Infantry, LLRPS, & Rangers in Viet Nam 65-71
By, Paul W. Miraldi Published by, Schiffer Military History
Hard cover, 175pgs, 400+ all full color pic's,
Excellent coverage of standard issue equipment, uniforms, weapons, some field pic's.

US Martial Web Belts & Bandoliers: 1903-1981
By, R. Stephen Dorsey Published by, Collector's Library.
Soft cover, 143pgs, 150? photos of all items with close up's.
Very good coverage of all 20th century USGI web belts, small pouches and bandos, excellent photos, includes some field modifications but no coverage of rigger made WWII gear.

American Web Belts & Related Equipment
By, R. Stephen Dorsey Published by, Pioneer Press
Soft cover, 130pgs, 150? photos of most items.
Good coverage of early civil war to WWI period, the predecessor of the gear covered above.

Reprints of early military issue equipment manuals are available from;
The Ordnance Chest, PO Box 905, Madison CT 06443

Reprints of the early Mill's woven military equipment catalogs available from;
Hayes Otoupalik, Route 2 Evaro Road, 14000 Hwy 93 North, Missoula MT 59802

Cheers, YOOO VINNY :shades:
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Gunga Din

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Sep 15, 2002
Pgh., PA
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2 books for British kit:

SURVIVAL by Len Cacutt, 1988, ISBN 1 55521 239 5. Recommended by Broadsword. Very good illustrated chapter on using Pat 58 gear with the FAL, approx 10 pages starting on pg 59. Nicely illustrated, even if some of the pictures are a bit small for my oldish eyes. If you have Pat 58 kit, this will show you how to use it. Google the ISBN # and go from there.

BRITISH WEB EQUIPMENT OF THE TWO WORLD WARS by Martin J. Brayley, 2005, Crowood Press Ltd, ISBN 1 86126 743 6, 64 pages.
Absolutely excellent explanation of Pattern 1908, Pattern 1937, and Pattern 1944 equipment. The author is a professional photographer, and it shows in the details that are included in his illustrations, most of which are color. He says "...this is far from a definitive study...". I'm guessing that it will do fine until that study comes along. I got mine from Amazon.