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Help with non-functioning FAL Para


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Nov 8, 2006
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Thanks for the reply.

What is most curious to me is that the gun has been fired quite a bit, based uopn the carbon and powder residue in the gas system and throughout the lower. So something has to have changed in the system to screw it up now.

Before I start buying a bunch of parts I want to see what kind of finacial relief I can get from my fraud claim with gunbroker. If I had wanted to build/rebuild a rifle I would have started that way. But on the bright side I'm learning quite a bit. Illigitimi non carborundum.

misrepresentation in sales ads are common, take this ad for instance:

What are you to believe, the ad or your own eyes? either way you will have no recourse, as always buyer beware


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Mar 29, 2012
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I would replace the HTS with milsurp based on your reported symptoms. Even though you are not detecting abnormal wear, there was some crappy US made stuff out there and many screwed up "home done" trigger jobs performed. Also, as I think I saw somewhere above, inch parts don't always play well with metric parts, plus there are some other variables in Argy HTS parts. Start over with known good stuff.
I had a FAL built a few years ago by a falsmith in Arizona NOT Gunplumber.The build was on a Sarco Argentine NOS kit with a LMT made DSA receiver.That being said ,the shitty US fcg parts were relpaced with the NOS Argentine parts before I even fired it.Replace the shitty cast parts with surplus and go from there. Good luck.922 clintoon bullshit does NOT apply to the end user,only the manufacturer/original builder.