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WTS: German MEN/DAG DM111 7.62 NATO, any quantity, no pink (MN)

Danus ex

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Oct 25, 2009
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Terms: As-is, no returns, no warranty from me on anything. Please ask any questions you have, and feel free to make offers. Know that you may be beaten during negotiation by an "I'll take it". This ad may also be cross-posted. Lots are sold as lots only, no picking and choosing!

Payment: Payment will be the stated price plus actual shipping. In compliance with the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, I accept payment by postal money order, cashier's check, bank check, PayPal friends and family, and Zelle. Thanks, Brandon! NO TRADES.

Shipping: Shipping will be the actual shipping and insurance expense from me to you as quoted by UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Shipping from MN, local pickup available in MSP metro area. Shipping outside the continental US will be calculated on a custom basis. If you ask just for a shipping quote, I will not provide it—you have access to the same tools as me. Note that if shipped, each lot will have to be divided in two to meet the 66 lb ORM-D shipping restriction.

Restrictions: I'm happy to deal with people from ban states. However, if a firearm or magazine violates your unfortunate local restriction, I won't ship it to you. Don't order something you can't actually own. Additionally, your FFL must accept from individuals—I am not a retailer.

1990s MEN OR DAG DM111 7.62 NATO ($0.70 per round by lot, see below. Local easiest, but + shipping/insurance if you're willing to pay for it.)

Chambering: 7.62x51 mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
Quantity: by lot, see below
Case: Brass
Primer: Berdan, non-corrosive
Bullet type: FMJ
Bullet weight (gr): 147
Year: 199X
Headstamp: MEN92, MEN93, MEN94, DAG92. See below.
Origin: German

In 2011, I unboxed every single package every single bad round that showed pink or orange corrosion, so any tarnish you find is cosmetic only. Then, I repacked in 40mm containers with dessicant paper. It's sat in climate controlled storage ever since, and now it's surplus to my needs.

Superb ammunition that unlike most shoots equally well out of M14s, G3s, FALs, AR-10s, and even oddball stuff like my SAN 751. At one point, I owned almost 40 types of 7.62 NATO ball ammo. This was consistently the most accurate after 1980s Hirtenberger. Buy with confidence.

Here are the headstamps and available quantities of each:

Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN92J0001 | 939 rounds | $657.30
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN94F0006 | 825 rounds | $577.50
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN93K0003 | 940 rounds | $658.00
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN93K0001 | 924 rounds | $646.80
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN94D0004 | 886 rounds | $620.20
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN93K0003 | 934 rounds | $653.80
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN94D0003 | 876 rounds | $613.12
Metallwerk Elisenhütte G.m.b.H. | MEN94D0003 | 849 rounds | $594.30
Dynamit Nobel A-G | DAG92E0345 | 945 rounds | $661.50
Dynamit Nobel A-G | DAG92E0345 | 980 rounds | $686.00
Dynamit Nobel A-G | DAG92E0345 | 1000 rounds | $700.00

Example photo:

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