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G/BiY FAQs (7 Dec 2006 Update)


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Jan 7, 2002
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TED ..dont see a thing about stopping brass kisses ....some folks i know (43 of them)who have my built weapons...all appreciate the fact that they arent neddlessly beating up their guns.....how about the need to polish rails for much smoother functionality and reliabiity ..or am i still in retentive land ....he he ...hope you and yours had a great holiday ....and i would kill for a REAL gumbo recipie.....he he....Randy


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Apr 28, 2003
Louisville, KY
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well one thing you can do is take off the bipod (or don't use it). At least the stock STG type bipod. First trip to the range with my STG58 and it took me a while to figure out it was the bipod making my shots so high. it was stable but shooting something like 3-4" high at 100 yards.


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Sep 27, 2002
Long Island NY
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I took my DSA STG58 (18In Argie chrome barrel) to the range on Monday, I mounted a Tasco 10X Super Sniper on it (I used a DSA mount & arms QD rings)
Shooting Port surplus & South African surplus I was getting about 2 MOA.
The great news was that 500rds fired with ZERO malfunctions & Cleanup was a breeze ( I usually shoot AR15s & AR10s, They are absolutly filthy after 500 rds).


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Jul 9, 2012
Easton, PA
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Revised 17 march 2005. Happy St. Paddy's Day!
Update 10 Feb 2006-

For Vince-
.223 FALs: elusive as can be had!

Don't cry for me Argentina, part deux!

Oz: I come from the Land Downunder!

Hold it! (the BHO, or Bolt Hold Open device)

Bolt Carrier swaps

It's an FN-BRAKE!

CAI- NOT your local spook-beaver!

DSA- it's what's for FAL!

Entreprise: the adventures continue!

the Gas Cylinder: it's a-round here somewhere!

CIA- who are these guys!?

Century: never in a Millenium!

CETME: the real mother of the G3

PTR-91: the new kid on the block?!

Cosmolene: what IS that stuff!!??!!

Feed ramps: yield!!

Finishes: what to do when you're done

FSE- one of the good guys

The G1: Sturm und Drang for naught

Gas Blocks

Gas Block removal

If I had a hammer.....

Headspace- what your sweetheart doesn't want you to know!

Hesse: Frankenstein's FAL!

Inch- it's not just a number!?

Izzy: to izzy or not to izzy, that is the question.....

Locking Shoulders: the armbone's connected to the receiver bone!

Magazine: not for use while reading?

Metric: What Standard International Units is REALLY all about!!?

CETME trigger packs: more fun than a batch of Spanish olives!

TSP: Mr Clean for gunstuff

Parkerizing: dip this!!

Ports: it's a gas man!!

Barrel Length: Size does matter!

WECSOG- it's not just a hobby, it's an adventure!

Stubs: for those who need some new scars!

Bottoming out: not for the stub-challenged!!

Pull! Triggers: Or, what to do with that damned military-grade HST?!

Extractors: NOT what the dentist ordered!

Regulators: this is NOT the Dakotas!!

Coonan: we are here to POMP your up!!

IMBEL- To be or not to be: that is the question.

Twist: if only Chubby could see us now!

Scope Mounts: seeing is believing

Tapco: they have everything, so expect a lot of answers.

Stuck: what can possibly keep me from getting this mammo-jammer OFF?

Sights: what you can't see, will hurt you.

Garand: "The world's greatest battle rifle"!

Threads: not clothes!


Tools: what- where-when- why?

Dremel: grab bag of anything Dr. WEC would say?

Brass Kisses? A demanding mistress indeed!

Polish: it's not for WJ, but it is for smooth!

Lubrication: Too much of a good thing is BAD!

Para! The Holy Grail?

Rhodesia- building the other Holy Grail?

Shave? Old Spice is not for your barrel!

NEW 7 December 2006
Conversion: a dark side to every choir boy!

This is a great resource! Thank you!