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F-4 Phantom


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Feb 17, 2002
Wichita, America
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As a kid here in Wichita late 50s throughout the 60s and into the 70s we saw not only F4 Phantoms but also Buffs and KC135’s in the sky on a daily basis all throughout the day. And, you always looked up no matter how many times you heard or, saw them throughout the day and you already knew that it was a F4 before you got eyes on just from the sound. I still look up every time I hear aircraft just to see what it is even though it’s usually commercial aircraft anymore. I live in the flight path of Midcontinent airport now, Eisenhower national Airport (ICT) and, every time I hear Doc the B 29 flyover I run outside of the house because of its distinctive sound, I know exactly what it is. Even if it’s just a glimpse. During World War II, dad was a teenager too young to enlist but, he always told me how the B-29 was the type of plane he saw throughout the war years over Wichita because of Boeing being here.
I was one of the members of the very first preservation team when Doc arrived in Wichita for restoration. Boeing volunteered to hanger it until a more permanent location could be established and, while it was in one of our hangers, a number of the modification and AOG mechanics would put time in on the aircraft undoing some of the damage that was done to it and prepping it for reassembly. Mostly undoing the chop job to get it on the trailer to get it to Wichita. Then, the organizational infighting and backbiting started and, I bailed on my volunteer time. There’s a lot of pettiness that goes on with who did what and, who shot John in a lot of these organizations, lol.

Oh but, I digress. 🙂