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Err, umm, HOW does a 1911 become "C&R" just because it's made by DGFM-FMAP?...


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Mar 19, 2001
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If you purchase it from a Type 01 FFL, it needs a 4473 and NICS. If you have a Type 03 C&R FFL, it ships straight to your door.
Bingo. I have a whole safe full of old greasy rifles and eastern European pistols from my C&R days. Guns shipped right to the front door. I'm not sure it was good for me, but I had fun.

Yeah, I've had regular FFL's in gun shops and shows turn it down and insist on the 4473 and NICS.


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Jan 16, 2003
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... and renamed "Sistema 1927", say whuuut? Seems one of our fave FAL-mfrs. was a-crankin' out the Browning-type auto-pistols back when.

Before posting I looked for C&R "stickies" (none listed), and Searched 'DGFM' (nada) and Searched '1911' (LOTS of Swiss Rifle hits), ANYWAYS, please eh-splain this ad:

Remind me, Curio & Relic means no 4473 and no NICS? :unsure:


When I first saw posts on (REC.GUNS) BB about getting a 1911 sent directly to your house from a vendor, in about 2000 or so, I had to investigate what a C&R license was. Lo and behold, there was a whole list of cool collectible firearms that qualified for C&R status. I immediately had to get that license and buy a Sistema Colt M1927. It was so I nice I ordered another one...and another....and then started ordering other guns, until my apartment was overrun with firearms, ammo, mags, bayonets, swords, etc. So I guess you could say the Sistema Colt was the gateway "drug" that got me into triple digit numbers of guns, and to consider a bigger place when I moved....LOL.

If you have a C&R license, not only can you get the enumereated models in the C&R book sent to you, but also every year more and more guns become Curios and Relics by aging into the catagory....anything 50 years old and over....

The downside? Well, all of the cheap guns are gone. All of the cheap discounted surplus ammo is gone too.