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DSA L1A1 but really L2A1


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Aug 25, 2014
Foothills of the Blueridge Mountains
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It does need a good cleaning. I have nice proper wood with rack numbers or just decent grain if preferred. Need to contemplate it. Have enough parts to build at least three FALs but not parts for what I want. Would like a Canadian L1 or L2 but prefer an L1 as yet able to pick up and fire a heavy barrel yet from all the muscles they cut digging tumors out of my back. Docs say will get back to pre surgical strength but even fit there is a reason for the bipod on L2s.

Have a stunning Brit L1 purchased when trying to collect parts to build a Brit L1. Before I could get all the parts to build one L2a1 was able to buy three from elderly folks thinning collections. Everyone I say I want to build an X or Y type FAL before I can get all the right parts trip over a nice older build that was someone's vault queen usually for less than have invested in a incomplete parts pile.

Have a pile of lowers (really nice ones) that everyone turns their nose up because the original pistol grip stud is missing. For me it's a non issue as have stick, MIG, TIG and spool guns plus smaller MIGs set up for carbon steel, aluminum, stainless and all sorts of odd alloys. If need to use one of the lowers without a stud nailing one on is not a big deal. Maybe I should do that when get back to work and then someone will be more excited about them.

This is not the marketplace and not sure if interested in selling but shoot me a PM and we can discuss. Even if decide to keep it may have something else you need or you may have something I need. Have way too many heavy barrels and considered selling one but while the one not attached too both times tried to sell buyers griped about a couple parts not being correct like bolt carrier though I have correct carrier but since it's headspaced perfectly to carrier in it have not checked to see if needs alteration to headspace my NOS proper bolt.