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Do we have a old Smith pic thread?


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Aug 14, 2010
MLK Boulevard
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Couple of 27-2s with the 2.5" bbl...... the EEZOX I keep on them has collected some lint from the safe rug.

S Prefixed safe queen at the top, well cared for N prefixed shooter at the bottom. Note the bottom gun has the narrow trigger and non insert front sight that I love so much and wish S&W had used as a standard on all N frames.

The GP100 is still the best DA .357 ever made, but as far as elegance and quality in a mass produced wheelgun, this is peak performace surpased only by the pre war N frames.

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Sep 27, 2007
Tucson ,Az
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My AF issued revolver was a Model 15 too. Tactical air crews all got them. Just like the S.P.s. They are great quality but the ammo was a joke. It felt and sounded like .22 LR. One guy got a .357 Model 19. The AF didn't have a problem with it, so I set out to do the same. The local gun shop had them but also had Model 67s that were stainless. I almost bought one when a local cop there told me they also had model 66s that were .357s. They fit in the same holsters so I took one of those out. I didn't regret that purchase. The .357 ammo is more than twice as effective. After that I got into N-frames and .44/.45s, thanks to Clint Eastwood. Some day I'll get another Model 66. This time with a 6 inch barrel.