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Cool Picture Thread


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Jan 19, 2014
Lancaster, CA
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Richie Ginther's Honda RA272 at the 1965 Monaco GP. Honda had adapted what they'd learned in motorcycle engines with small cylinders and HIGH RPM and cassette type transmission. Note - a TRANSVERSE V-12!!! (and air-cooled at that)

Then in an attempt to lighten their car and make it an "ALL HONDA" car, they produced the Possibly one of the most dangerous F1 cars of the era - magnesium chassis and body!! a/k/a "Coffin on wheels" 3rd pic is Jo Schlesser the lap before the crash in the 1968 French Grand Prix - where he lost control, the car immediately burst into flames on lap 2(?) and although the fire crew was on site immediately, the magnesium fire could not be extinguished. You can only imagine being surrounded by a mag chassis, mag body and enough fuel for 58 laps worth of racing. Schlesser had no chance of survival. Surtees (Honda's other driver that season) had refused to drive BEFORE Schlesser's fatal wreck.

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Apr 28, 2021
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My Thorp T18.jpg

Kind of cool but the really cool thing and reason I posted was I got to be friends with the guy I bought it off.

Col Phil Lacey flew P-51's in the 8th AF during World War II. Him and some buddies built this car while hanging out in Chino waiting to be discharged from the Army Air Corp.

Fitzpatrick Custom.jpg

Bondo hadn't even been invented yet.
That is all done on an English Wheel by some guys who were bored after surviving World War II.

Fitzpatrick custom 2.jpg