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Bsskng001 - liar/cheater - the completed saga (details inside)


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Jul 23, 2007
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Glad to see a little retribution for you brother. Can’t stand low life scumbags like this piece of shit and he’s absolutely a low life piece of shit.
Don’t want to get into a rant and get the ban hammer but there’s other ways that you can make them rethink their scumbaggery and on the plus they will always remember it /you to their last day
Glad you’re getting some funds back but he’s still a piece of shit lowlife scumbag
Are you fantasizing about assault and torture again?


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Mar 2, 2001
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We’ve seen that play out just like that more than once.

Did everyone eventually get all their money and/or parts back from G in Oregon? Before or after the law got involved?

We know M in North Carolina never got clean.

Isn’t there some turd who STILL has someone’s SAR-4800 .223 magazine well insert?

There have been others.

View attachment 372530
It wasn't a SAR-48 .223 magazine insert; it was an AR-15 magazine adapter for the FAL made by Meeper.

Lear70 still hasn't returned it and has blocked all my communications with him. I hope he drops dead and his business burns down to the ground along with his house. I hate liars and thieves.


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Jan 26, 2002
Central Indiana
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Only reason he didn’t take off is because he got pinched and called out on multiple forums. He would have stayed the scumbags course if he wasn’t hounded
Ya think a thief cares anything about how a bunch of internet clowns feel about him? I hardly think so. He knows nobody is coming to get him, nobody knows where he lives, knows he could simply disappear from the forums and the buyer would be fooked. I can't knock you for how you see and feel about the guy. Just don't let him live in your head and try to believe he learned a lesson about being a better person.