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Brass Warning!


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Aug 25, 2014
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I had same issue with 7.62x39 recently. I bought large lots from three vendors. 3,000 cases from one guy on an auction, 500 from an online company had never used to see what their quality was and 5,000 from company used with good results. The 3,000 auction lot had over 350 cases that would not even fit in shell holder. Another ~150 were so badly bulged at base didn't even try to load even with small base carbide die. ~100 already had split necks, poor job separating cases on sellers part. Everything was boxer primed though. So over 600 out of 3k went in scrap bin, sad. Will see how rest do after 1st trip to range. My guess they came from range that rents full auto and one gun is way out of spec. Weird were using brass cases but suspect had been commercially reloaded once before. Last auction brass I buy without some direct questions.

New vendors brass all made past initial inspection except three with stepped on necks. My 5,000 lot was all vendor had and told me he was retiring and once inventory gone would be no more. Why took all his x39. Danged if I didn't score. Be must have had his better stuff segregated and holding for rainy day. Out of 5k total was just over 1,000 Norma and ~650 KP which made by Norma back long time ago and at one time the 6mm bench rest guys sought out the KP for some reason. Also had ~2,000 PMC's in lot and just over 500 older Remingtons with small rifle primer pockets. If not anal myself the KP and small rifle primer Remingtons would be for sale on one of the 6mm sites.

Also bought 5,000 x51 LC cases. After reading this thread examined closely and all were more than fine. Most would sneak past with neck size only. Another guess is came from military turn bolt range as no dents or bent necks. Shame "my guy" has killed website and selling out to old.customers but at least I sifted cream of his x39 and x51 cases off before all gone.