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Billconch gun safe review


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Jan 8, 2012
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My brother gave me a Billconch pistol safe for Christmas two (maybe three) years ago. I have been pretty satisfied with it up until about a month ago when it just stopped working. The only way into it was with the key.

Happily, when I contacted the company, they sent me a new replacement safe free of charge. They even paid shipping. The warranty had long since run out, but they sent me the replacement safe anyway. Since it was a gift, I did not have the original order number or any paperwork other than the instructions that came with it. They did ask me to take a video of the safe (for whatever reason).

As far as the safe itself goes, it is not designed to thwart a determined thief. It is more in the category of keep your kids from getting their hands on your EDC pistol while allowing you quick access. There's plenty enough steel to frustrate your pre-teen. You would want a lot thicker steel and much larger size for long term gun storage. Some solid whacks with a sledgehammer might open it. A grinder blade would likely get in without smashing the contents. There's a bolt-through cable you can use to affix it to something solid. The cable reminds me of a bicycle cable lock--clear plastic covering braided steel rope. Heavy duty bolt cutters would get through it in one snip.

The fingerprint reader is easy to program and works well as long as you press exactly the same part of your fingerprint into the little window every time. There's also a five digit keypad, the aforementioned key, and you can even use a bluetooth connected phone to unlock it, so it's pretty versatile. It's supposed to get better at recognizing your fingerprint the more you use it, but I can't tell whether it does that or not. It's powered by a 18650 battery and that battery is recharged via USB.

There's plenty of room inside the safe unless you're trying to stuff an AR pistol in there. There's room for two carry pistols, give or take holsters (depending on the pistols, of course). Two full size pistols might be a bit overcrowded, especially if you try to put mags in as well. I can fit my EDC and its holster plus a few other small knicknacks. I unclip it from my belt and put pistol and holster together inside my safe. I don't have to remove the pistol from its holster (which is my preference).

Bottom line, it serves the purpose for which it is intended. I am quite pleased they were willing to extend the warranty this far. Two thumbs up for both the product and the company. Billconch.