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Beretta1301 clones?


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Apr 4, 2006
Bristol Va.
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Anyone see any clones of the Beretta 11301 in the sea of Turk imports? I've heard of the SDS AR-T02 but upon firsthand inspection it looks more like a Rem 1100 action,not the rotating bolt/action of the Beretta.


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Dec 21, 2001
South of the Thousand Islands Bridge
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The Turkish made semi-auto shotguns will be either Inertia-drive (Beretta/Benelli) or gas operated. Because that's about all we can get, we've been ordering and selling them with Brand names like Weatherby and CZ, as well as some of the common Importer Names ATI, Charles Daily, and others I've never heard of.
The Inertial Drive guns appear to be damn near identical to Beretta/Benelli's, at least in terms of the action.
I got one of the Black Aces Tactical shotguns; seems fairly nice, but haven't fired it yet...it's a gas gun that I thought was inertia Drive when I ordered it, oh well I can always sell it for more than what I paid for it. Remington 11-87 it is not.

Just after I posted this, I copied & pasted the manufacturers listed with a wholesaler who carried these Brand's (several of which I've never heard of let alone sold)

Akkar (7)

ATA Arms (2)

ATI (7)

Best Arms (1)

Browning (9)

Century Arms (2)

Charles Daly (10)

Citadel (7)

Crickett (1)

CZ-USA (51)

Dickinson (4)

Escort (11)

Fierce Firearms (2)

Four Peaks Imports (6)

Garaysar Ft. Myers (9)

Gforce Arms (3)

Girsan (5)

Hatfield Gun Company (17)

IWI US (1)

JTS Shotgun (5)

Landor Arms (5)

Mossberg (4)

Mossberg International (5)

Pointer (3)

Radikal (5)

REM Arms Firearms (2)

Retay USA (15)

Rizzini USA (7)

Rock Island (8)

Rossi (1)

Savage Arms (6)

SDS Imports (2)

Silver Eagle Arms (18)

Standard Mfg (2)

Stevens (31)

T R Imports (2)

Taylors & Company (1)

TriStar (60)

Weatherby (14)