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WTS: Belgian M1 lugged barrel

Please reply by conversation.


Are We Awake ?
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Mar 31, 2011
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Listen up you slack jawed mouth breathers. I'm selling this here Belgian barrel, no gas block. Serial # 09740. That must mean something somewhere.
Full length, no muzzle threads, frosting throughout. Rifling is defined, but gets a bit icky at the muzzle. Some wanker put a device on the barrel with set screws, so there are 2 divots from that.
Selling it cause I don't need the fargin' thang. What I do want is fundage for moar Charcoal Burnin' Winchesters.
No, not Coal Burnin- that's yer Sister. She was fun, tho.

Lots of pics, view them all, please.
And for God sakes put on some pants.

Bidding starts at $ 325.00 amelican, including shipping.

Bidding ends @ 5:00 PM, Pacific, on Sunday April 14th.
15 minute rule on bids. Any bid made after 4:55 PM April 14, adds 15 minutes. Each bid afterwards adds 15 minutes.
To clarify time stamps, any 20 minute span thereafter without a bid ends the auction.

Barrel will be shipped by Priority Mail, fully insured.
Cash, Check, Money Order............ Checks subject to hold for a while, unless I like your wit.

I don't pander to imbeciles and nit wits. If you ain't got the funds, just hide and watch.
You know who you are.
Especially the ones that never paid for the Armorers' manuals.

And No, Not Any electronical transferifications.
No GayPal, no Zelma, no Cheese Whiz, gee whiz.

I want too much for this barrel, ya,bla bla.
Flame on, I don't give a rip what you say.
Post up, if ya got the nards.......... derp.

FN Lugged Barrel 001.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 003.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 005.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 006.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 007.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 008.JPG FN Lugged Barrel 015.JPG

ETA: hat tip @L Haney
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Apr 23, 2006
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Your initial write up is reminiscent of something that CE would post, with the exception of missing the buttman guarantee!!! Thank you, it brought a smile to my face!!!

With that said I’m in for Tree-fiddy
By strange coincidence, I've not five minutes ago come off a pleasantly long phone call with CE & I think he would concur.


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Jul 22, 2021
Great state of Pennsyltucky.
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If so, there won't be any argument from me. Congrats.
Thank you. I'm seeing 5:09 pacific right now. Tbd59?

Edit: I'm in Eastern standard time and my phone (Verizon) said 5:02 at the time of the $410 bid. I googled up Pacific time and result agreed with what my phone was saying...with the 3 hour differential of course.
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Please reply by conversation.