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WTS/WTT: AMD-65, Hungarian underfolder AK63D, Bulgarian AK74, Primary Arms 4-14x44 ACSS scope, Beryl mini quad rail


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Jun 5, 2013
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Willing to accept trades for ammo, magazines, other C&R guns, clone AR/AK parts, optics, etc.

Gently used Primary Arms 4-14x44 FFP ACSS scope. Comes with Butler Creek flip up caps and ARMS low height QD rings.
$230 shipped

All matching AMD-65 original barrel kit built on a Recreator Blanks receiver with 3 spot welds and Hungarian selector marks by Corey Weathermon at Northwest Gun Supply. Forward grip not pictured, but included.
$1300 shipped.

All matching Hungarian kit (including trunnion!) built on a Childers receiver with 3 spot welds and Hungarian selector marks by Corey Weathermon at Northwest Gun Supply. Polish new production FB Radom barrel used in the build.
$1300 shipped.

Bulgarian AK74 kit with original black Bulgarian furniture built on a Recreator Blanks receiver with Bulgarian selector marks, by Corey Weathermon at Northwest Gun Supply. KVAR Bulgarian new production barrel used in the build.
$1900 shipped.

Beryl Mini Quad rail. Brand new in packaging.
$325 shipped.

Have a PM90 all matching kit with push button, dong folder, and a new production Romanian chrome lined hammer forged barrel, built on a Recreator blanks S FA FF marked receiver, built by Corey Weathermon at Northwest Gun Supply.

Full disclosure: when I attempted to zero the rifle I unfortunately noted that I ran out of front sight adjustment: pushing the front sight hard to the left I was still shooting an inch or so to the left, at 25 yds. Inspecting the rifle later (the bore looks concentric enough, neither the front sight block nor the rear sight block seem canted) I noted that the muzzle nut was machined significantly off center. I replaced it with a much more concentric/good unit but I haven't had the chance to take the rifle back out and try refiring to check zero, or if it'll require more extensive work to correct (like remounting the front sight). Interest moved on to other things (like 5.45 AKs) and this has just been collecting dust since.

$1025 shipped

360 rounds of Belom brass cased nonmagnetic 7.62x39 ammo
$230 shipped

Have a Mauser (commercial action, Santa Barbara) built up with the following specs, ~500 rounds through it. Caveats are that ejection can be a little spotty at times (probably could use the ejector box replaced) but it fires otherwise very accurately; got several 1 MOA groups from German DAG surplus even.

  • Custom build by Mauser gunsmith Mike McCabe
  • Santa Barbara 1960s era commercial Mauser 98 action w/ Parker Hale bolt
  • McMillan Sako Varmint fiberglass M40A1 forest camo stock
  • CDI Precision AICS magazine bottom metal
  • Lothar Walther "varmint profile" 25" barrel
  • Timney Trigger
  • Harris bipod
  • Primary Arms 4-14x44 ACSS scope, atop ARMS QD low height rings, atop an EGS 0 MOA Mauser 98 Pictainny rail
  • 1 Accurate Mag 5-rounder magazine
$1600 shipped sold

Selling an AIMS-74 build built by Northwest Gun Supply: ~120 rounds through it. Recreator receiver, AK builder nitride barrel, all matching serial components. Cleaning rod not pictured in the rifle but included; it is the correct unique AIMS-74 pattern. Rifle ships with 1 plum Russian magazine; I do not have the pictured 5.45x39 Pmag from his build photos.
$1825 shipped sold

Kokura production Type 38. Non matching parts on the rifle but the dust cover (with matching patina) and mum are present and intact. There is a duffle cut below the front sling swivel but should be simple enough to repair and it confirms this rifle was a GI bringback. Comes also with an original sling and 18 rounds of Norma 6.5 soft point ammo, as well as a stripper clip holding 5 dummy rounds.
$925 shipped. sold

French Unique Model 17. RR51 post war produced variant, marked with a Moroccan palm tree. Somewhat rough but serviceable condition; includes 2 magazines total.
$450 shipped. sold

Walther P1. Later production (May 1975) with the "fat slide" and hex bolt frame upgrades. Includes 2 magazines (one marked P1, other parked P38) and original leather holster. Slight chip in right grip panel near slide.
$625 shipped. traded sold
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