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2024 Scammer Alert


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Nov 12, 2002
Sarasota, FL
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I would like to alert other members of this forum that I came across a scammer whose common MO is to join on the same day multiple online firearms, hunting, and even model train forums. He then researches the specific forum’s rules such as the requirement to create 20 to 50 short online posts in order to establish himself on the forum and potentially be allowed to contact other members and ultimately be granted access by the site Admin to the Marketplace page. He then searches for members who posted a "Want to Buy" ad on the board. He then contacts his potential victims using the same introductory message, e.g., “Hello, if you’re still looking and may consider shipping, I can help out with a lead, you can reach out to Sean in Pennsylvania he has the ______________ for sale this is his email address seanhacall@gmail.com good luck” or “Hi I can help out with a lead if you’re still looking and may consider shipping, you can reach out to Owen in Ohio he has the _________________ for sale kindly send him a text message this is his phone number (513) 743-0096” or “Hey. Are you still looking? In case you haven't found anything yet, give Bryan a jingle. He can help out. Send him a note at bryanthrower65@outlook.com.”

When the potential victim initiates the inquiry, the referrer who is also the scammer searches online for images of the product the potential victim is interested in buying. The scammer snatches non-watermarked images of the product, uses Photoshop to place a sticky note complete with underneath shadow effect and a written day's date and the target victim's first name. He emails the photoshopped images to the victim with the asking price, shipping method, and payment method.

There are already a handful of Scammer Alerts online about this particular scammer. Some of his online usernames/handles include (Pshoot, jadenbem, and Oriade), email (bryanthrower65@outlook.com and seanhacall@gmail.com), fake full name (Sean Dani Tallman), and a Cincinnati, OH telephone number (513-743-0096) that he lets roll to voicemail. He then asks his potential victims to send the funds via Venmo to "Daisy," his girlfriend. Her Venmo tag is @Daisybabygirl001

Once the transfer of funds is complete, the scammer goes silent. No products are ever shipped. This scammer has been busy scamming his victims since 2019 and has not been caught yet. We have his IP address and know his actual location.
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