Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Hebrew Battle Rifles
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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Glashaus wrote:
Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:12 am
Lever actions are awesome fun guns, mechanical, dynamic, you got to think a little, like bolt action rifles, enjoyable to shoot guns.

We all need to own and shoot firearms that we enjoy, it is all not about being the slickest operator out there.

I have owned a few lever actions over my firearms collecting career, my current are top to bottom

An Uberti 1860 Henry in 44-40, an Uberti 1873 Sporting Rifle in .45 Colt, an 1873 Uberti Sporting Rifle in .357 Magnum, a 1892 Winchester(first year production ) that was originally a rifle in 44-40 that was rebarreled in .44 Magnum and turned into a carbine, most likely in the 1960-70's, great to shoot .44 Specials out of, and a 1894 Winchester NRA Centennial Musket in 30-30 because I like it

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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I'm pretty impressed with my rossi/puma. After a little work it's pretty nice!

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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45-70 is a tough round to beat for penetration and damage. Pricey ammo.
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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Watched a U Toob t'other day. Some fella in UK mod's a lever gun in .44 into a belt-fed bullpup. . Quite interesting engineering. Might wanna search it up, just for S&G's.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Winchester Timber Carbine in .444 Marlin👍☠️

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Love my Henry 30-30 Brass, fantastic shooter. Im fine with tube loading, and my fingers are skinny enough to be able to slip a round into the ejection port. I have a nice set of Skinner peep sights and i can shoot accurately out to 200 meters. The new model Henry actually now has a side gate loading option. The Henrys are awesome quality for not crazy money.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Henry has side gate rifles now. I handled the 'Big Boy' 45-70 and it was kind of nice, but a little 'tacticool' with the pic rail, fiber optic sight, and threaded muzzle. Much like the Marlin and Rossi shown earlier. It's a caliber that will dispatch pretty much everything on the continent.

Since I just picked up my first centerfire revolver in .357, I'm kind of adding a .357 lever gun to my longer term want list.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

Post by Randall »

Winchester M94 in 30/30. The way God intended.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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Sold my entire Winchester 1886 collection in 2009 or early 2010 to pay a pile of mounting medical bills following being rear ended three times by women text messaging breaking a different portion of my spine each time but luckily docs saw something in the edge of a scan of my neck and caught my pituitary cancer before it could become a super serious problem. Sold a lot of collectible firearms to get through missing most of two years of work and piles of medical bills. I did keep my pre 1964 Winchester Model 94 in 30-30, a Marlin 336C microgroove gold triggers in 30-30 and two in 35 Remington. Have added a pair of stainless 45-70's threaded for suppressors in case we end up having to make black powder to survive and between a can to mute sound and smoke screen of black powder would have built in concealment every time one is fired. For me 35 Remington is my favorite lever gun cartridge as can launch everything from 88 grain 380 projectiles to 350 grain cast with wide variety of powders. The stainless 45-70s will be my SHTF rifles if they send a SEAL Team to take all my repeaters and don't have time to get them to shoot me in the process.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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I used to have a blued Rossi lever, the trapper 16in barrel and in .357. I loved it. It fit perfectly in the front hull of my Sea-Doo. I used to go camping up-island when I was living in Queensland Australia and that carbine always made the trip with us. Sold it before I immigrated to the US.

I still have the Win Mod 94 standard my Dad gave me for my 14th birthday, though 46 yrs old, it still rocks in .30-30. Although it's a keeper, the short barreled levers have always interested me and prove to be more advantageous in what I do.

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Re: Lets Talk Lever Action Rifles.

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The Rossi is a pretty good value, just expect to have to do some work to get it running 100%. I had to modify the pawl that stops the rounds out of the magazine tube to get it to feed reliably. It would hold the round up and not let it feed into the action when the lever was open. I did some action work along with some spring changes while I was in there. Overall it is majorly improved vs the way it came and I can crank rounds through it as fast I can without miss feeds. Also put a fiber optic front sight. Probably going to put some kind of peep on the rear too.

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