Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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I had heard that this fake story was only invented, to over shine nancy pilousi's admission that she was a child molester and a pig sodomist - billt must be really be desperate for attention that the love of his life had made such an admission!

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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ismith wrote:
Mon Aug 17, 2020 5:34 am
So what, Biden’s son was banging his sister in law when his brother died.
Was she hoTT?

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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BillT wrote:
Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:26 am
The head line said it all. What a disgusting person Trump is.
Yes but Kamala can never un-suck Willie browns cock. I'll take the guy who just plays golf.

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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v guy wrote:
Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:57 pm
My Dad died in '87; I went SCCA racing the day after the funeral. Life goes on; Trump is coping................he don't race.
The question then was what were you driving and what was the score

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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I thought I read the BillT was leaving the forum. Well, bye!

BTW, leaving the forum means getting the F outta here, don't want to hear your troll BS.

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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It doesn't matter where it is, just so it isn't where you are!

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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BillT wrote:
Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:30 am
swohfal wrote:
Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:21 am
Stay classy, democrat bill.
I give that racist pig all the respect due him.

Enjoy his 2nd term.
Sorry your gal lost, twice.

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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BillT wrote:
Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:26 am
The head line said it all. What a disgusting person Trump is.
You say that like it's a bad thing!

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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My father's last surviving sibling and part owner/manager of our other sign shop died in a wreck at age 89 on Friday when some @$$ going well over double the posted legal speed limit while passing on a double yellow line hit him head on. Oncoming vehicle hit him so hard it broke the seat belt mounts in his truck (like my little 1993 Dakota putt around in daily with 317k miles his had over 600,000 miles) launching him through the windshield. Other driver also had a bag of suspected methamphetamine or crack cocaine in pocket plus more than one pipe and other containers with suspicious residue found in vehicle. His son is retired colonel in Army National Guard who was an M.P. his first twenty years, former Atlanta PD officer along with Georgia State Patrol officer the few years he tried civilian law enforcement and part time Army Reserve then went back active pretty quickly in National Guard becoming the commanding officer of the Georgia Guard MASH unit till joing Petraeus staff till retirement. Uncle was campaign manager for two Georgia Governors, one Leuitenent Governor, two Georgia Senators and a number of House of Representatives. Cousin was on General Petraeus's staff when he headed Georgia National Guard for a bit then followed him to the Pentagon, Gulf War Command and retired when Petraeus resigned to take the job as director of the CIA. Was offered a star to not retire but said being a General was not worth spending four years in a tent somewhere in the middle east.

Based just on the evidence on other drivers speed and actions cousin is going to see his fathers killer is charged with vehicular homicide minimum and when lab reports come back on the white powder, residue in other containers and paraphernalia he says it's a slam dunk Murder Two on criminal side before family takes the driver to the civil court side of the legal system. That said I did not go to the Family Visitation or graveside service today as just had too much overdue work that a client was pushing me on. My dad and two other uncles that preceeded him to Heaven and all ran sign shops under the family name would understand. Driving four hours each direction for a twenty minute service with social distancing strictly observed so no "family reunion" which is typical of our funerals so sent my condolences via phone and email then continued working.

Matthew 21 & 22 Then another of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

Of course Jesus was teaching a lesson through a parable but my another uncle of mine who was a pastor with a earned Doctorate degree in Theology always read scripture and not only interpret it using the surrounding scripture for its lesson but also literally. An omnipinate all powerful God able to create the universe was able to see that His written He inspired in men to transcribe, translate and then edit for final printing and multiple translations says exactly what He wanted. My pastor uncle ran one of our shops while working with the Southern Baptist Association, North American Mission Board, founded over twenty five churches of which over twenty survive and six have become mega-churches with thousands of members each. He never let Southern Baptist Association or NAMB use his "Christian" name but his lifelong nickname nor would he allow them to address him in writing or verbally as Doctor nor put alphabet of letters which were acronyms for the half dozen college degrees he held. His name was "Buddy" and when he died his written desire was to be placed in the cheapest casket available and taken from the church to cemetery in the back of his half million mile sign truck.

I have same written wishes for my burial, almost finished building my own casket from reclaimed old growth cedar with redwood inlays which will be put in the back of whatever junky truck I happen to still be using as my daily driver using bungy cords, tie straps and scrap pieces of rope found in bed of truck to hold the casket in. Put the same flag I use for long poles and ladders on end of casket and off to the family graveyard where my nephew will dig my hole with the farms backhoe. Evendors have a piece of granite in Elberton from a broken rock that split in odd shape when on the saw to be cut for a monument. Soon as I get the big commercial made outdoor rock climbing wall blocking my loading dock given away they areally going to deliver my rock and plan to use my 200 pound commercial sand blaster driven by a 30 horsepower 3 phase compressor to shape and engrave my own tombstone. We used to hand dig our family members graves, amazing how healing it is for two or three men to dig a six foot hole for their parent/loved one, as by time the hole is dug with a lot of sweat somehow get past the worst of the grieving to happy stories about the person your digging the hole for.

We all have our own family traditions and personal preferances. I know a couple people who have never been to a funeral, not even their parents. All are wired different and know Trump had one brother with drug/alcohol issues he had issues with. Don't know his real relationship with his recent brother who passed but for all we know the brother may have told him to go play a round for him rather than attend the funeral. Remember the old days when family members were brought home after embalming till funeral and someone sat with the body 24/7 till buried. Know one family still with that tradition but some county or city rule where a relative died would not allow the body to be taken home. First night when funeral director said everyone had to leave because it was time to close the patriarch of the family told him two of the grandkids would be sitting with the body. He tried to refuse till coats were swept back showing all the men were armed as matter of habit and the body was not being left alone till buried. Funeral home director didn't like it but now they have found a funeral home that respects their traditions and expects them to leave two family members with all family bodies from time they finish embalming till cover them with dirt. They also backfill the hole themselves, one cemetery (family member bought a plot in a "real" cemetery not the family cemetary) tried to stop the men from shoveling in the dirt. Said it was their staffs job and would be taking work from men who needed it. As they took off coats patriarch said we prepaid full price, those men have been paid up front and to have them stand back out of sight.

Most of my family is in the Appilachia area and our family cemetary which is part of a one room church has relatives buried going back to the mid 1800s when the church was built and we stopped using cemetary on the farm as it actually got lost after a tornado and took years for the mess of tangled trees to rot then finally burn before it was found again and by then we just began using the church cemetary five to ten minutes by mule or horse and twenty minutes by foot from the farm. Growing up on property that was land granted by the person appointed by the king of England while Georgia was still a colony and most families around us tracing roots back to before the Revolutionary War many have very odd family traditions around deaths most modern folk would not understand.

Wife's family goes back in the low country of South Carolina back to before not only the Revolutionary War but majority of white settlers. One of her forefathers found a young native American male child that had apparently wandered off and gotten lost. He was moving his family south from Virginia where they landed looking for a place to begin their new life. Happened upon a camp of native Americans and showed them the child they had found a few days earlier which turned out to be either an elders, medicine man or chiefs son (story has grown a few gaps in a few centuries) and the natives were so appreciative they gave them a large area to on live peacefully till other settlers came and killed the natives but they still had some of that property up until the 1960s. Because of all the folks wanting to rewrite history the current owner of what was their family land was forced to tear down the slaves quarters along with the six hole outhouse the slaves used. Wife said that six seater outhouse always intrigued her growing up. Some of her extended family have odd rituals/habits/beliefs to this day on how family funerals are held surviving still. One funeral where one branch of her family always used above ground mausoleums but all the immediate blood family leaves before body is placed in its slot has left me to oversee that the final internment done by the cemetary workers is done with honor as a non blood relative along with a local Mason as all men in family are Masons and women were traditionally members of the Order of the Eastern Star but unlike the menfolk becoming Masons not all women join the Eastern Star these days. I am one of few non Masons that see one of the last burial ritual done by the Masons overseeing the closing of the mausoleum, not that it's some kind of voodu or odd thing.

Where I live traffic still stops all directions for passing funerals even on divided four lane highways. About ten years ago were escorting a friends mother from her church to the funeral. His family had some local juice in both business and politics. His father had owned the local Cadillac dealership along with others. Their family funerals are big events where the local police or Sheriffs Office usually send about two dozen cars to lead, follow and leap frog setting up road blocks at all cross roads even if it's a long ride from the church two the cemetary. One housewife got impatient and tried to pass the entire funeral in the turn lane dividing east and west based lanes. She was only going to get a written warning for driving in the turn lane till she went kujo on the officer that stopped her so bad it became a resisting arrest due to her treatment of the cop and went to jail.

One North Georgia chapter of a multi-state 1% M/C (just had their 50th anniversary this weekend) when the national presidents wife died suddenly it was a mandatory ride for all chapters, many friendly clubs along with the 3% clubs that exist under their permission. Her funeral was held in her every Sunday church in Jasper but her desire was always to be buried next to her daughter who died at age four in a traffic accident and was buried in Gwinnett County southeast of Snellville. That was a long ride with well over 400 bikes in the profession. Cops from over fifty municipalities and GA State Patrol shut down every road the funeral traveled and at every crossroad would be at least two moto cops on either side stopping cross traffic. Normally would have been an over three hour ride with hundreds of stops between traffic signals and turns onto other roads. Only in a couple of towns did the funeral even slow down as all the bikes had to navigate an odd set of turns where I had to drop my bike into first gear and did not stop anywhere on the road till we got to the cemetary and getting hundreds of bikes into the entrance caused me to have to put my feet down and stop a few times as we got into the place. Same club Georgia State Patrol shut down both sides of I-85 from Cartersville (exit 288) to Rocky Face (exit 366) in a rolling road block in manner they moved southbound traffic off the interstate timed like clockwork so we never saw any oncoming traffic nor did we see any vehicles execpt on ramps of the northbound side.

This is a 1% club with great reputation where charter stays and is enforced that any club member caught dealing drugs, stealing or breaking any law to bring heat on the club loses their patch immediately. Every invitation only party the local Sheriff, all deputies, local State Patrol Post Commander and patrol officers are invited and served free drinks from the "donation" bar. When someone high enough in the club dies it's a mandatory run for all chapters from Florida to Kentucky and west to Memphis law enforcement gets the funeral route as soon as it's known and they lock it down, part is respect but when dozens other 1% M/Cs plus their 3% subordinate clubs send large groups to show respect to point of hundreds upon hundreds of bikers it's just safer to clear the route as always someone in the group that would not even blink about pulling a prison term if someone driving a cage showed the group any disrespect.

Funerals and how families, friends, etc choose to hold it I consider sacred. Some I know only have a small memorial service a year after the death. Some a small group or individual scatters ashes and that's it. If the Trump family or just the Donald plays golf then that is his personal choice nobody should judge. Otherwise we start trash talking folks that don't have a "church funeral" or whatever we all feel is the best way to show respect. You don't always know what someone's relationship is, what may have been requested by the one who has passed or if it's just someone has lost respect for the one dead. An @$$hole alive is an @$$hole dead. A saint alive is a saint dead. One thing that always gets me is going to the funeral of a total devil worshiping evil person where the family has a pastor try to preach them into heaven. Or hearing people who always trash talk the person when alive try to be all pious in their death. If you like me, hate me or an oblivious to me in life, be the same in my death. Don't try to raise someone up just because their dead, doesn't mean you should not show basic respect but don't judge how others bury their dead. Trump could have been scattering his brothers ashes on the golf course at his request for all any of us know.

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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I was scrolling, and I saw a wall of text.

Well, I'll be doggoned if Huey didn't find the place!

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Re: Trump's Brother Dies. Trump Plays Golf.

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W_E_G wrote:
Wed Aug 19, 2020 7:14 pm
I was scrolling, and I saw a wall of text.

Well, I'll be doggoned if Huey didn't find the place!
tl;dr - someone hit a wall of text @ 80mph, bad things happened and it relates to Trump's brother.

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