TRUMP Commutes Roger Stone Sentence

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Re: TRUMP Commutes Roger Stone Sentence

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madmanmccoy wrote:
Sun Jul 12, 2020 2:17 am
v guy wrote:
Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:39 pm
Stone was not guilty of ANYTHING, illegal, but supposedly lying to Schiff????

So Stone but was a victim of all those voters who stayed home in Nov '18 and did not come out to vote for a Republican Congress person...........laziness the same thing that happened in Virginia with Northam......lazy gun owners voters who did not care enough to vote, committed suicide in Virginia............ and I am glad it hurts them.

Congress was controlled by Schiff, and he got a quick conviction for Stone, on essentially "fluff".

I blame all those who did not vote for Stones predicament.

Trump will have to Pardon him. He may need to pardon Flynn, too.
Here's a Man who knows the deal.......................all the couchpotatos who sat on thier fat asses in the '18election are the reason we have Russia,Russia,Russia, & 4years of impeachment 24/7.......if they'd got up off thier dead ass & VOTED as a BLOCK, like evey GDDM minority does , we'd be well on the way to sending the demmarxists to the political extinction list......BUT NOOOOOOO they stayed home jerked off ,watched nfl,nascar & dancin' with the fags in hollywierd.......

THIS ^^^^^^

Spot ON..!


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Re: TRUMP Commutes Roger Stone Sentence

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Great, anything that will screw up Mueller and Weissmann' s persecutions is fine with me! Go POTUS!

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Re: TRUMP Commutes Roger Stone Sentence

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ONE thing tho.....maybe DJT should tell STONE, on the DL, to keep his mouth SHUT...TIGHT. do NOT talk to ANY media-types, no talking heads, no so-called "journalists" , they're only going to spin/twist any & everything he says anyway,
He's not going to do any time, not going to pay any heavy penalty ....why feed the lefty's fire , just shut up & appreciate his freedom.....time STONE "retired " frrom "public Life" anyway,he's been around since Tricky Dicky was master minding conspiracy theories............

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Re: TRUMP Commutes Roger Stone Sentence

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Let's consult the big board.
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