July Deals Warning

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July Deals Warning

Post by AKMStoy »

On the old July Deals thread I checked out a magazines deal Global Ordnance that was cheap. Waiting for a status on the order I browsed for more stuff and placed a bigger order for stuff with both orders being over $300. Then the notification of refund around a week after ordering. Guess their website doesn't reflect inventory and their stock is near nothing.

Seeing the other deals for 4th of July are over it's a rotten deal. Probably others got hit by the week delay of informing people they don't have ordered stuff. Probably a guy playing don't order until somebody orders from him. What ever it was it screwed me.

Global Ordnance? No way no thanks.
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Re: July Deals Warning

Post by karnivore »

At least you ddid get a notification. I placed an order for ammo with Brownels on 7/1. It was listed in stock and I received not one but two confirmations that my order is GTG. I checked on it yesterday and guess what? Fuckers cancelled it and never bothered to notify me.

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