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AR sales mark IV (crossposted) price drop

Have this old rifle for sale.

Rifle was unfired upon receipt and has had less than 400 rnds fired. SA barrel, HRA oprod, SA trigger group. Disclosing chipped wood at rear of stock.
I feel like this is a real collector and a verified shooter. Im just wanting something i wont cry about if it falls off the table or winds up with a scratch GI2
I will miss this rifle but a good buy if someone has put together a great rifle at a low price for trade.

Will offer and request 3 day non firing inspection to trader/buyer, shipping and insurance back will be your responsibility and same on my end in a trade.

Prefer usps money orders, however I understand due to the sum multiple would be required, in light of that will accept personal check from 100% feedback members after checks clears rifle will ship.

Any questions feel free to ask, pm, or text/ email if you have that already.
If my asking price is junk feel free to publicly castrate me, i have no precedence other than what ive seen the sell for and i can only find 3 known prior internft listings on these.

Option #1: Cash price $2400 shipped, insured to FFL
Option #2: Cash price $2200 FTF in Ga by resident or transfer at FFL
Option #2: Norinco receivered m14, ALL usgi parts including stock in like new condition, barrel with low ME and TE + $1000. If you built it disclose this as well.

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