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oz in SC
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Gen 4 Glock 31,opinions?

Been offered one in trade for an unconverted Saiga sporter in 5.45.
Glock comes with three 15 round mags,150 or so rounds of ammo,four holsters.

I don't know anything about .357 SIG apart from it is more expensive than the more common calibers.

I have been offered $475 for the rifle.

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Old May 01, 2013, 21:49   #2
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.357SIG has superior penetration capability (with good ammo) compared to the other major calibers. That's about all it has going for it.

A lighter bullet going faster means snappy recoil. As you noticed, ammo isn't as widely available or as cheap.

Paul Howe prefers the ballistics over others--it's what he actually carries. Tho I think he's been using some 9mm as well (economy).

What do you have tied up in the Saiga?

I'd only trade the Saiga if I could flip the Glock for more $$$. No reason to spend more $$$ on an additional caliber, conversion kit, etc.
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