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Originally Posted by Bawana jim View Post
I don't risk the stock market at my old age, this last crash may take a while to get back up to its last high. I look for short term quick turn overs. 9mm on the 2nd of march was $10 a box plus shipping today the same ammo is $30 a box plus shipping. Quick money that doesn't take a long term investment.
So pimping or drugs?
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Bawana jim
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Originally Posted by raubvogel View Post
So pimping or drugs?
I leave the pimping to the school teachers and the drugs to the state, Oregon sells dope. No it just a little buy and sell that I will never get rich on but can make a buck from. You buy what you think will sell and pick up enough it's worth the time to sell it.

If you bought ammo on March 11th you could double your money in some cases but how much do you buy to make selling it pay off? When you don't run a store with a stock to sell then you have to find a market to sell your purchases. Plus it's timing, buy low and sell high but move things when you have a buyer. You watch the market and see what's moving and what doesn't sell.

CDNN had some great buys on AR parts before March 11th. You could buy a new DPMS upper with a Magpul fore end and a red dot sight for $199 yesterday it was listed for $250. You could have bought everything you needed to build an AR for $100 less on the 11th.

Ya it's not a lot of money, just nickel and dime things but you can move em along and make a buck. Little here and a little there.
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