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I don't know if this fits best here or in Non-Fireams Discussion. But I live in a pretty rural area, which means forest and woods, which means birds of prey, namely owls.

I've never been able to see an owl in person in the wild, though I've heard them. Mostly Screech Owls, Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls.

I'd like to be able to see and hear a Barn Owl in the wild, but they're not common around here and I've only been able to see some in person at the local bird sanctuary and the Akron Zoo.

BTW, Barn Owls don't hoot:

Also, a behavior shown by Barn Owls (and other Tyto Owls) is known as toedusting. No, that's not a foot fetish term, but rather a threat/defensive posture that Barn Owls do when they feel threatened, angry or frustrated.

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In my opinion running across a barn owl in the day is quite disturbing. They are like a small living poop staring at you quietly. Pretty sure seeing one is bad juju in some cultures.
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My wife found an owl one night!

She'd just come home from the grocery store and spilled something in the back that made a mess. After unloading the car, she got out the shop vac to tidy up the back of her SUV. About the time she switched it on, she let out scream that made my blood run cold. She flew into the house, passed me like a bolt of lightning, and all but hid under the bed. "OMG! THERE'S SOMETHING OUT THERE!!!"

So, being the dutiful husband, I grabbed a shotgun and flashlight and went to investigate. As it turns out, a large owl had landed in the oak tree off our bedroom while she was unloading the car. Evidently, he took umbrage at the racket our shop vac makes and voiced his objection very loudly - which in turn, scared my wife half to death.

I calmed her down and got her outside to see the owl. He posed for a moment to allow us a good view, then silently flew off into the night. We had a good laugh about it - but she waited until the morning to finish vacuuming the car.
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Night before last, happened to look out the back kitchen window and there sit a Barred Owl on a low branch of an Apple tree about 25' away.
Said he was waiting for any mouse that came to eat the birdfeed I put out.

I wished him "good hunting". btw; He didn't give a hoot.

The next day, there was a Bald Eagle sitting on a low branch in the tree at the end of the driveway.

Is there something going on I should know 'bout?
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My wife and I were sitting outside on the deck one evening. We were having a few drinks and enjoying the night. Looking around, I saw something perched on a utility pole maybe a hundred yards away. "Look! There's a big owl perched up there on that pole." Every time a car passed, I could see that bird standing on the pole. Finally, I got a spot light out and threw the beam up that pole. Sure enough, up on that pole...there sat the transformer. Yep. That was the "big ol' owl" I was seeing. Yes sir. I am quite the naturalist I am.
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Timber Wolf
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Was out walking the dog in the ‘hood one night when an Owl let out a screech from a tree just over my head. I jumped clean out of my skin for a second there. I hate feeling like prey.
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Back in the summer I was down on the back part of the property. I keep it sort of wild. Anyway this hawk was raising hell, and I saw what he was raising hell about. Huge owl about 2ft tall setting in the oak tree. The hawk came in at the owl and tried to hit him while he was perched on the limb. The hawk made his run from behind and that ole owl just shrugged him off and the hawk glanced off of him.

Well owl went to a different tree. Hawk still giving him hell screaming from the next tree over. Finally owl had had enough. He went after that hawk and flew probably 3 feet over my head gliding through the woods as he was swooping down at the hawk trying to get airborne and taking off through the woods under the canopy. I was amazed the skill that owl displayed flying low after that hawk. Hawk wanted no part of that owl and was high tailing his ass out of there. So yes I've seen an owl doing what they do. Amazing birds.
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J. Armstrong
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Being a bird lover and "parent" to several parrots, I think owls are very very cool. Beautiful animals.
Not overly smart in the scheme of birdy things, but definitely cool. I used to help at a bird rehab center and the owls were always a favorite, especially when a rehab went well and we could release them back into the wild.

Transformer owl:
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