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Originally Posted by 4x401 View Post
you did in fact purchase a full length FF forend from me sometime back. Whether that's the one I can't say. I'm happy it went to a good home.
This is the one, like fact it's stainless steel, lightweight, holes don't shread my hands if run the rifle offhand for extended periods of time and rock solid with ability to add pic rail sections. When purchased it didn't color match anything I had but when built the W.O.A. HBAR with O.D. Green accessories gave it a squirt the next time HVLP was loaded with proper color Cerakote. O.D. Green is color I spray more than any other as works great in southeast. Shame they discontinued this model in favor of Keylok and M Lok but I try to snap up everyone I find on discussion groups and fleabay. A full length rail across top and usually one or two mounting points for snapping on a bipod or light/I.R. illuminator is most I ever need. Anyone wants to part with any of the older Midwest forearms I am always in the market at a fair price.

Hueyville off topic drivel:
This rifle lives in the master bathroom of the Ponderosa along with a 10.5" piston drive 5.56 pistol. Pistol has a can and is for event backed all the way into the master bath which was the first ballistic panic room added to the house. Due to size of master bath it's big enough for two people to comfortably take shelter in during a sudden storm or home invasion but small enough was not a budget buster to harden. When purchased the house and had to replace most of the drywall used 5/8" ballistic fiberglass instead of fiberboard or green board sheetrock on inside walls and ceiling of master bath. The outside walls surrounding master bath used 1/2" ballistic fiberglass which was able to blend in with the drywall going down hallway and in 1/2 bath that is next to it and one wall of bedroom that's shared with it which as time and money allowed entire master bedroom now has 1/2" ballistic fiberglass instead of drywall and is its own safe room.

The master bath was also first room installed exterior firing ports as has best view of back yard all the way to lake two stories up and almost center of house and an invisible port till opened that covers main hallway to bedrooms and door from living room. Allows us to get in a secure room, armor up and shoot out if know how to find and open ports. With total of 1.125" of ballistic fiberglass protecting three interior walls, 5/8" inside and brick on exterior walm plus steel plate inside wall between studs it was toughest room in house for a few years. Used a NIJ Level 3 door plus has cast iron tub and shower enclosure made from 3/4" abrasion resistant polycarbonate which will stop up to 7.62x39 not counting the two layers of ballistic fiberglass. Keep my heaviest IOTV overt armor kit on back of master bath door which has Level 4 plates plus Level 3 side plates, shoulder & bicep DAPS, groin & sacrum protector and neck yoke plus helmet in closet. Also have a bomb blanket in closet and wife is supposed to crawl in tub and cover herself with the bomb blanket in case of tornado sneaking up on her.

Thus the 4x401 surplus handguard is living in my version of the Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory bathroom as the go to rifle for burning down back yard zombies or the 10.5" suppressed piston drive to keep the interior of house sprayed for zombies. If wife and I both retreat to bathroom then we can cover both ports. We now have two upstairs panic rooms, primary panic room in basement and all exterior doors NIJ 3+ or NIJ 4 force entry rated over 27 years of upgrades. With a couple of home invasions in north Metro ATL per week and a yet uncaught group of five men who have successfully invaded multiple homes posing as cops and wife in wheelchair on bad days feel keeping the bogeyman out is much better solution than having to beat him down after already gaining entry but if bogeyman/zombies do get in its going to be worse than a carnival funhouse run by Freddie Kruger for them as have all sorts of surprises. Odds are I will eventually get whacked by one of my home built toys meant to discourage neer-do-wells like an old console tube television capacitor with the bleed off resistor removed, fully charged and in bottom of sock drawer.... Yikes!
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