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Where/how to get Zeiss Jena refurbishing?

20 years ago or so, I picked up a pair of surplus Zeiss Jena binoculars. They're somewhat hazy internally. I contacted Company 7, which works on Zeiss and Leica, but they said that they can't work on Zeiss Jena due to a lack of parts.

Does anyone know of an option for me to get these things refurbed, short of contacting one of my Bundeswehr buddies who grew up in and lives in the former DDR?
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Legacy lenses and cameras (e.g. Hasselblad, Contax/Yashica, Rollei, Carl Zeiss Jena, Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart…) can unfortunately no longer be repaired by ZEISS.

Some independent specialist workshops offer maintenance and repair services for these products. On request, we would be pleased to send you a list of several workshops in Germany and the USA who may be still able to repair your lens or camera (please take advantage of our contact form). Please understand that we have no influence on either the quality of any repairs carried out or the pricing policies of independent workshops. It is also quite possible that the repair of such legacy equipment may no longer be possible due to the lack of replacement parts.

It is also possible that your photographic equipment dealer may be able to recommend service workshops in your region or country for the repair of your legacy equipment.

I suggest doing as they say and asking for a list of independents from them - should apply to binoculars in addition to cameras.

These guys suggest a gentleman named Cory Suddarth, who must also post there:
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Suddarth is the man.
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truck 1
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Try Deustch Optik's . They originally sold the ED And EDF Zeiss Jena EG surplus bino's and might still have an optician in house.
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Originally Posted by truck 1 View Post
Try Deustch Optik's . They originally sold the ED And EDF Zeiss Jena EG surplus bino's and might still have an optician in house.
Was just coming to say this, or see if you can track Earl Osborne down, he did used to work for/with them, and he was our Chief in the Optical Shop on the Sub Tender I rode over to Guam in the mid-90s.
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