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Need More Ships Portholes

Unfortunately when find a true warship "through-hull" unit they often will run from $500 to over $1,000. Last one I bought managed to get an 11"17" overall size with 7"11" window opening. I presently have five (all found for $100 or less from scrap ketal yards, friends calling from yard sales amd flea markets and two very lucky eBay buys) very similarly sized, true cast iron WW2 war ship port holes mounted in very discrete places of house that can't be seen till we go through the activation process. See photo below of drywall access panels.

These are not the models I have but built my discrete access panels myself using ballistic fiberglass as well as the area of wall at least 32" either side of port from floor to top of 96" wall have ballistic fiberglass instead of drywall then their is a similar discrete and gasketed panel on exterior wall that opens only from inside and the marine porthole is mounted between the two panels. Cover interior panels with a picture and it's invisible.

Open interior panel accesses the marine porthole. Have added 1" to 1.5" ballistic polycarbonate behind glass of porthole and had to make modifications to opening method. Once open the interior access panel have a dual sliding lock that when activated allows exterior similar panel to drop open and allows us to look out through NIJ 3 to NIJ 3++ rifle rated ballistic polycarbonate. If need arises there is another latch that unlocks the hatch that when opens gives us a 5"7" firing port in which the brick exterior, abrasion resistant steel between studs then ballistic fiberglass replacing drywall to stop any spall if someone had big enough rifle with correct ammo to punch through four inches of brick, 3/4" plywood which brick ties are attached to and backs the brick with black tar felt between the brick and plywood.

House was built in 1958 when they still used old growth timber for framing lumber thus our two-by-fours are 2"4" rather than 1 3/4"3 1/2" which modern lumber is dimensioned. When doing remodel work have to rip 2"6" lumber to 4" so at least thickness is correct. Thus currently have five of my firing ports complete and fully functional. We have three more as need eight to have two facing front, one each end and two upstairs and two downstairs facing rear. Other three have most of the work done but have left some wiggle room so based on size porthole I find can fit it and then reinforce around it with ballistic material so only area not protected is opening when port is open. Currently have a temporary solution just using a piece of 1.5" AR polycarbonate on hinges.

While I prefer the 11"17" with 7"11" opening rectangular ports last two actual real WW2 vintage hull pass-through units I saw were rough and selling price was ridiculous considering they had broken frames sellers said would need "welding". Welding cast iron is a very difficult and tedious task which often warps even big heavy parts. Am past point of caring about uniformity as these are invisible from inside or outside till access panels are opened but can't get a proper seal around the temporary polycarbonate sheeting for mitigating NBC particulate infiltration.

By time I refurbish a port hole, back the glass with thickest polycarbonate can fit then weld up frame, mount in wall and surround with mix of steel and ballistic fiberglass then seal with rubber, caulk and spray foam based on situation am not sucking exterior atmosphere in house unless port hole(s) are opened for firing. Entire area around each port hole/firing port in NIJ 4+ protection plus can use bomb blankets and other barricades we have in house to fortify a particular firing port if need to turn it into a long term station manned 24/7 through an event that turns society on its ear.

I am tired of looking, prices when decent turn out to be Asian reproductions made from cast brass or bronze. Have left room in three additional locations to use anything from about a 14"20" or 10" round plus it's frame. Am at point an 8" round true porthole will do or even a 10" or 6". Anyone have a pile of portholes?
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