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fuel fire desire
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So.....I want to buy a fifty...

Im just starting to contemplate and research the reality of getting into 50 BMG, and would welcome advice from those who have already done so.

My goals; to have a long range high energy rifle to be used in a casual non-competitive setting. Initial ranges desired will be within 600 yards, and eventually out to 1000 yards once skill level reaches that point. I do have the land to exercise the rifles abilities, and it will likely never see a public or club range.

Why BMG and not say .338LM? If Im going to play the $5 a trigger pull game, Id like to have the ability to shoot the fun options the BMG has to offer at closer ranges (API, tracer, cheap ball etc). Also, call it a macho characteristic, but Id also like to have the wow factor of shooting the BMG for personal satisfaction.

My thoughts on rifle platform; After some brief research, I am leaning towards the Barrett M99. While the M82/107 are appealing, Id rather have a more accurate rifle over one that I can to a mag dump with. From what Ive gathered (I may be wrong) the M82/107 are 3-4 MOA guns with good ammo, while the M99 is capable of 1 MOA or better. I do not have a problem feeding the rifle one round at a time. The AR upper options do not appeal to me.

Initially I will be using factory/ surplus, but I will handload for it eventually.


My first thought is a Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP EBR-2 in MOA. I am a fan of FFP, and think the EBR-2 reticle will work well with a FFP setup. The reticle has 36 MOA of substensions from center to bottom of post. If I have my ballistics right, the BMG has around 24 MOA of drop at 1000 yards. From my limited knowledge, I think this will be enough scope for me. Again, in my inexperience, Id rather use the reticle over doping in the scope if I can. This is just the way I shoot my .308s. Same goes for choosing MOA subsensions over MRAD. Ive used MOA based reticles on everything else Ive owned, and would like to stay with it.

If my thoughts are off base, or if others have a different opinion on what route to go, please throw out some guidance.
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If 1,000 yards is your maximum range would consider a 338 Lapua Mag. Have two and they do all I need out to 1,200 yards which is longest range I have access to but we'll as they shoot if had a good reading on range and wind expect 1,600 to 2,000 yards would not be beyond expectation. You can get fun ammo for 338 Lapa if know where to look but it's harder to find and as expensive as 50 BMG. Have a 50 bolt action in back of one of my vaults that mounts to an AR lower and it's been there for years unfired as not felt like spending the money I think is necessary for a 50 BMG scope. From the Ponderosa there is noting I can see that can't hit with a 338 LM due to terrain and obsticles. Only advantage of the 50 would be punching holes in very hard items.

Have two Vortex Viper PST 5-25x scopes on smaller caliber rifles and really like them. Have shot a myriad of 50s and my favorite is the Barrett with the BOARS system to dope long shots. Have worried someone would sign an executive order or bill passed banning 50s and why the turn bolt lurks unfired in back of one of the vaults yet to even be paired with a lower but have dozens of spare unbuilt lowers if needed. If the world was fair I could talk the wife into a March 6-60x Genesis but a $6,000 piece of glass would force me to buy a better host rifle to mount it on and $7,000 for a M82a1 puts a person at $13k before stock up on ammo, spare mags, spare parts and all the extras needed.
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PM sent.
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fuel fire desire
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
PM sent.
Replied. Thank you!
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