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Feminist Versions of Old Movies, just not working these days

Guess Charlies Angels Woke Edition did pretty poorly for an opening. Lots of reboots to "empower" female characters do nothing but bore people. Very predictable, not smart, and just retreads of tired ideas.

Woke Broke Movies in 2019 … Does Hollywood Even Care?

Bomb after bomb after bomb after bomb. Are any studio executives paying attention yet?

An editor once taught me an invaluable tip about liberal media bias.

Sometimes the real news in a story is buried at, or near, the bottom of an article. That’s the direct opposite of Journalism 101, but it’s increasingly how the press operates today.

We were once told, “if it bleeds, it leads.” That’s become, “if it doesn’t adhere to the liberal narrative, bury it.”

It isn’t as catchy, but it’s accurate.

Take this story from the far-left The article explains in gruesome detail why “Charlie’s Angels” flopped this weekend.

The film is looking at an $8.2 million opening, an abysmal tally to what was hoped to restart a Sony franchise. The story runs through a variety of reasons for the film’s lousy performance. The reporter buried this nugget at the bottom.


“Angels is the latest example in a ‘woke’ effort to reboot a franchise that many were not all that interested in to start with. In fact, many references to the 2000 version get a call-out as a reason this one doesn’t seem to compare – whether it’s the cast or the action teased from the film. And, as observed with other recent films, some action/adventure, unfortunately fans say they’re steering clear of this one because of its ‘girl power’ messaging.”

That information should go higher up in the story, no? Maybe it’s your lede given the collapse of other woke reboots like the recent “Terminator: Dark Fate.” saw it differently. To paraphrase The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, facts don’t care about a film reporter’s feelings. And the facts are clear. This year proved disastrous for Hollywood’s woke obsession, be it gender swap remakes or films loaded with liberal lectures.
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Ghost Busters was another video turd with female lead.
"2A was specifically for, as you note, dealing with what is no longer feasible within the system. This applies to all organs of the state, whether they carry badges, gavels or law degrees."
Mark Graham
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Here is a few more that have been tainted by feminism Batman, STAR WARS, Terminator, & the list goes on & on until normality is restored witch won't happen for a long time.
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I read that after 57 years, the central character in the James Bond series will now become a black woman at the conclusion of Daniel Craig's next film. I'm sure that change will be just what the historic franchise needs for future success.

Actress Lashana Lynch Is the New 007 in the UpcomingJames Bond
Chance favors the prepared mind.

Molon labe

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Bawana jim
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I went to the last movie I will ever see in a theatre, the experience was torture. The last movie I rented was Danger Close and I enjoyed it a great deal as it gave an interesting look at an event in history. Something Hollywood fails at now, keeping history interesting.
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Enjoy but remove flag before reading.*

* That's a Flight Ops pun. I crack myself up.
Are we Operating right now?
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Originally Posted by Story View Post
Enjoy but remove flag before reading.*

* That's a Flight Ops pun. I crack myself up.
I notice they couldn't help but throw in a "with her" statement....
I notice no one ever debates whether a .30 is an adequate stopper...
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