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Thumbs up Technical pictures Belgian Gendarmerie FN FAL M5

I was doing some research in the Royal Belgian Army museum in Brussels. The conservator proudly pushed this FAL M5 in my hands. The only one we have he said. (they got hundreds FAL's)
The FN FAL M5 was a dedicated FAL for launching a LACR grenade. The LACR grenade is a teargas canister. The barrel has a grenade adaptor fixed (as tight as the flash hider). The launcher can be screwed open but not "off".
Note the 10 round mag for Ballist propelling rounds. They used the 10rd mags to not get confused with Ball ammo. The Belgian gendarmerie was a part of the Belgian Army. So they had FAL, MAG, BREN, bazooka and so in there arsenals. Just in case the Russians would drop paratroopers.
Note the English Lee enfield sling, very common here to see. The sniper FAL's usualy has those slings with ribbons sewwed on.
No grenade sights. Just point at the general direction and fire. Luky it has a rubber buttpad.

Interesting FAL, just had little time and a bad camera with me but i know where to find the RiFAL.

Many thanks to the guys in the museum for helping me and my buddy out!!

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The only reference for the M5 I ever saw posted here showed regular 50.00s with the combo device for the gendarmerie.

If the M5 is this launching rifle, what were the above rifles designated, if anything?

Also, is it true that the launching cartridges for the tear gas grenades this was meant to use are different from the rifle grenade launching cartridges (and marked differently as well; I've heard green rather than red paint on the crimp)? If so, what are the specs compared to the rifle grenade cartridges in 7.62mm?

This thing reminds me of a modified can cannon built on an Ares SCR that someone I know set up to shoot flash bang grenades. Had a similarly removable barrel that fit inside the one sized for cans. Launching flash bangs with that thing in the desert was a lot of fun. Wadding ended up being needed to prevent destroying the things upon launch, though.

Something like this would be fun to have made up for use on one of my FALs. I have rifle grenade launching cartridges, but I wonder if they are too powerful for this sort of thing (hence my question earlier).
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