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Originally Posted by hkshooter View Post
I understand. Whenever I build on one the thought is always tempered with the "ugly". Superior quality but ugly (I'm talking IMBEL here) vs inferior quality but sexy.
I'm envious of your StG/Grayslake project.
Here soon I may be faced for a second time with rebuilding an StG on a DSA T2 and losing the IMBEL but I hate taking them apart once built. DSA may win this time and if I had a Grayslake there would be no question.
I have 2 LMT type 2s on BS builds that could always find another cool ass kit. I'm looking at just paring it down to my 10 best and selling off the rest of the parts.
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Some more good information, thanks guys.
I found a type 1 DSA from a member here, so that is what I am going to build on. Waiting patiently for the receiver to show up now...
I have seen talk of using alignment sticks to get the barrel timed correctly. Is there any reason a laser wouldn't work? I am thinking about trying it out. I should be able to find the center of the barrel and put the laser on that and the rear sight, then time it off the front sight. I don't know, I will prolly just send it out to get installed.
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Found this on the barrel. Is it the mfg year?

Hand tight. Think it will time?

Has anybody tried to match the finish of the receive to the rest of the kit instead of refinishing everything?

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