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Thumbs up Got more mags!

Woo Hoo, picked up some more mags at a LGS.

Took the wife out on the gun store run with me. One of the local shops had a Mak-90 at a good price which a buddy has been looking for(Don’t ask, he doesn’t even want to change the goofy thumb hole stock). I call him, pick him up, and take him down. Good price so he buys it.

Anyway, while digging through their boxes of used mags I ran across 5 “Saiga 308” mags.. FALs. Girl says, somebody screwed up. Since I brought my buddy in and I joked about getting a commission, she knocked them down from $15 ea, to $10 each!

I bought 4, 1 black Israeli, 2 parked Israeli, and 1 parked with Witness holes and parked follower. No markings though. All in very good shape and finish.

I passed on the last one, had a weird orange peel looking black paint which scratched off with a thumbnail, no park I could see, a blued follower, and only marking was an A in a circle or oval low on the rear spine. It felt lighter than the steel, but not as light as my aluminum Para mags. Just seemed off, maybe a commercial knock off.

Anyways, my little score for the day. Oh, and Wifey was nice enough to buy them!
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Lee Carpentieri
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Taking the WIFE to the LGS

You had better have taken her out to a decent restaurant and I don't mean the McSteak house or the BK Lounge or any other fast food shit hole. Plus you'd better had kissed her for that and said thank you honey for that.

That Fal mag with the witness holes is a STG-58 mag made in Austria. They are the only ones to have made them like that. The Black Izzy mag is Belgium made and the parked ones are Israeli made. 5 “Saiga 308” mags, VERY nice indeed. Overall, I'd say you had a really good day Indeed VS going to a gun show and getting RAPED.
Live life to the fullest, Because in the end there's only death and taxs.
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Old November 03, 2019, 00:00   #3
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Yeah, I did pay for lunch, her treat.

I figured I did more, than ok on the 4. I kinda thought the one with holes was STG, but wasn’t sure. If that last one is worth something, I will go and get it. It just didn’t feel or seem right. Kinda funky. But 4 mags for $40 is ok by me, plus I did sell their Mak-90 for them. I admit I did tease the girl, but she did give me a nice discount.

I figure I did good for the $$.
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