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Brother Art & Others, Do You Have A Faxon or Criterium Barrel?

Brother Art and yall, do any of you have a FAXON or CRITERIUM barrel in your armory? Somebody posted a link to FAXON in the AR Forum and Brother hueyville was explaining the virtues of barrels made of 4150 steel, then nitrided I assume inside and out.

Faxon makes a 22" heavy barrel for the M-14 out of 4150, 5R rifling 1:10" twist. Criterium is reputed to make excellent barrels although I have never seen any. So, I'm asking you experts what yall think of them?

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John Crusher
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I've got an M14 with 18" 1-10 twist Criterion and I LIKE it !
I've got a M1A with 22" 1-10 twist Krieger and I LOVE it !
About 2K through each and still will group under 1.5 MOA. With glass of course.
I'm not a very good shot though
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Don't know about Faxon, but I have used plenty of Criterion barrels on M1s and M14s for generic builds. When approaching a precision build, Kreiger or Bula work better for me.
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Left a long post about Faxon quoting a few issues they admit on their site and seen myself to your post in the AR area of site. I have only repaired Fax on builds by others and done one give away AR 15 on a Fax on barrel and had to overcome their inherit issues. Average accuracy, nothing I would want to carry for defense or use for varmints/targets. As mentioned above I also have used some Criterion and tried a few BA Hanson Performance Series for attempts at good price point builds and found its better to wait and buy a stack of good barrels on clearance somewhere.
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