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New production lugged barrel vs. surplus with lug added

Let"s say somebody has a couple of Apex BGS kits still lying around. That very same person also has several surplus barrels of varying condition . Additionally, that person also has a couple of new production , lugged barrels.

If you were in the position of said person would you :
A. use a new production lugged barrel on your BGS build
B. Get a lug added to a surplus barrel

Either way their will be a cost as I do not thread barrels myself.( Yes , it's me!)

If option B is preferred, who adds lugs these days?
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Asking for a friend?
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Dr Shock does BGS Conversions. ARS might, also.
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The new production lugged barrels are not bipod cut and would not be correct for a BGS B, if this matters to you.
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Has anyone done a range report on these new DSA lugged barrels???

I'm curious how good they shoot.
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