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Taurus Raging Hornet

Already owning a pair, one with Burris 4x scope and other with irons tripped across a deal in another Taurus Raging Hornet but it appears to have a lot of wear on cylinder but forcing cone and bore is very nice. Owner said when shot a lot it would start to bind on a couple of chambers and he would scrub front of cylinder with a brush and solvent and go back to shooting. Unsure if front of cylinder is out of square a bit or if crane was warped at some time or just not true from the factory. The area of the two cylinders that bound shows slight rounding of front edge from all the scrubbing over the years and why he didn't send back to Taurus when a current model have no idea.

Am going to have a local smith look at it as not a big wheel gun trouble shooter myself but believe it will need to be sent off. Anyone have a decent wheel gun smith without a years backlog of work? Thinking in addition to fixing the issue whatever is causing it should have it timed and maybe rechambered for 22 K-Hornet or 22 Hornet Ackley Improved. The K-Hornet would probably be much easier in a pistol as generally with rifles pull the barrel and shave the rear before rechambering to Ackley Improved so have nice clean and fresh throat.

Am going to disassemble and look for some obvious issue that might be causing to two tight chambers then reassemble but if problem doesn't just jump out then will have to send it off. Like my Hornets to be tack drivers which generally means a good smith is required and my wheel gun guy retired at age 70. Says he wants to spend as many years as he can shooting all the pistols he built for himself and never had time to shoot. Thus need a new wheel gun go-to guy can trust to work on anything from timing a Colt Python or rebarreling a Diamondback. Have a Diamondback in 38 special with so many wad cutters down the bore have actually worn it out with cast bullets to point accuracy is falling off. Have an NOS take off barrel already waiting but have to find a wheel gun smith who can handle anything from Colt snake guns to Ruger flat tops and worn out old Smith police issue guns from department swaps to semiautomatic pistols back in the day and purchased a ton of Smiths and Colt Troopers. Anyone know a good wheel gun smith with reasonable turn around? Six months or less would be reasonable to me for most jobs.
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