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F'ING STUCK Gasblock pin!?!? WTF???


Ive been wanting to put together a 16 inch AR-10. CDNN has a sale on Chromelined Bushmaster 16 inch heavy profile AR-10 barrels. The hitch is that they have a standard AR gasblock on them.

I bought a free float hand guard set that requires me to remove the gas block. I got one pin out of the gasblock after hitting it with a punch for 30 minutes then using vise grips to push it out. The pin made a very loud "PING" when coming out. The other one is stuck fast my punch is now flattened out and the tips of my vice grips are broken off.

Anyone have an idea how to get this last SUMBITCH Pin out?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I changed out a front sight/gas block on a PSA carbine barrel because I wanted a different forestock. I have a brass headed on one side hammer with a nylon head on the other side. I used the biggest punch that fits the pin. I hit it hard with that little hammer and nothing moved. I grabbed like a 6oz machinist hammer and I hit it a lot harder then I thought I would have to, and it started moving!

So get another punch......make sure it fits and maybe a little bit heavier hammer then smack it. If that don't work fast enough maybe a little heat used sparingly will help. I don't like using heat, cause I am always the one who gets burned!
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Drill it.
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John Crusher
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Dremel, cut the gasblock off.
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Tuscan Raider
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They knock out from both sides. Sounds like you got one right,
but are trying to punch out the other the wrong way.
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You probably already know this, but just in case. The pins are tapered. If not discernible to the naked eye, measure with calipers.
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They are tapered and iirc they punch out from the left side........
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Originally Posted by John Crusher View Post
Dremel, cut the gasblock off.

Because itís much more satisfying.

And itís a $10 part that is already WAY PAST pissing you off.

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Old May 24, 2020, 07:13   #9
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You can also cut off the sight part of the gas block to make it low enough to accept a free float handguard. Done carefully it will look like it was made that way or maybe the handguard will cover it and appearance not so big an issue.
Also when you punch the pins out, put your barrel assembly on a very solid bench or clamp it in a heavy vise. You want the barrel/sight to be very stationary so that the energy from the hammer is transferred to the pin only.
Start on the side the pin is smaller in diameter using a large punch, maybe 1/4" diameter or so to get it started, then to a smaller punch as the tapered pin should move easily. Vise grips should not be necessary.
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