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Mad Max
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Wyndam Weaponry SCR .308 experience?

One of these caught my eye today. Can't find anything negative about it online. Any personal experiences here? I am particularly concerned with reliability with steel case ammo, if anyone has tried.
Mad Max

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Do you mean Windham Weaponry? Maine
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I just have a problem with using steel case ammo, especially in a repeater as bolt shoving steel cases into steel chamber then yanking them out has to not only wallow the chamber out much faster than brass have a lesser but still wonder if steel case head wears bolt face and lip out as well. Brass on steel it's going to take a lot of cases unless they are contaminated (say a linked belt laying in the sand pulling crap into the chamber with each round or magazines full of sand following a sandstorm) to wear out steel.

I shoot mostly brass out of my AKs and SKSs for same reason. Have heard people say combo rifles were designed to shoot steel case ammo but research I have done seems to point toward them being designed around a brass case but communist money issues and raw materials is why they ended up with steel. Steel does not expand and seal case as round is fired while springing back for easier extraction quickly enough in higher pressure cartridges for my taste. How much are you really saving and is it worth the savings over brass?

Funny thing is 75% of the steel cases that do find their way through my combloc rifles are reloads using 160 grain cast bullets. I am given so many steel cases that after going through them and quickly selecting the better looking copper washer cases out clean them in a ultrasonic cleaner. Load with Reloaded 7 or one of a couple AA powder choices and stockpile them for nearly free ammo to add to the hoard. Wife shoots a portion of all loaded as quality control verification of function but I generally shoot brass case handloads using copper jacketed soft point projectiles.

I have yet to subject any of my AR 15s or AR 10s to steel case ammo but have seen a lot of these type rifles have issues which seems to link back to steel case ammo. Some of whicih is underpowered and poor quality control when manufactured. Why do you want to shoot steel case ammo? I assume it's cost. Can see the attraction of saving a dime per round on short term but what is long term cost of wear on rifle? If want to save money just spend a few bucks on a press and basic loading kit then load your own.

I have spent a lot of time to perfect reloading of steel case and even long term storage of them as most of my corrosive primed steel core, steel case combloc ammo in sealed cans is stockpiled for use when need the extra punch of steel core ammo in an anemic cartridge like 7.6239. Of course this is one of the most over debated subjects on firearms discussion groups and know people who have fired literally tens of thousands of steel case ammo through their combloc rifles which still run and their barrel steel is no better than most U.S. commercial so if willing to run it it's your rifle. My worry is if the extra cost of ammo is a factor will be replacing parts on your rifle be a factor.

As to whehe rifle will run steel case is dependent on quality of the steel case ammo used. Some is as expensive as brass plus there is now match grade ammo loaded in steel cases. I can't say it's always bad as don't have enough experience shooting the stuff but have seen more people at the range wrestling with trying to remove remains of a broken steel case from their chamber than brass. That said I do take all the steel given to me and store it just in case times ever get that hard won't lament throwing it away.
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