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C. Stockwell
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Is a FAL shotgun possible?

What technical challenges would there be in making a 12, 16, or 20 gauge FAL shotgun? Would a standard FAL upper be able to accept a purpose-built shotgun barrel? Would the mag well be big enough to accommodate a larger magazine, considering shotshells are bigger than 7.62 NATO?

Besides the barrel and the magazines, I don't see any other technical issues. Perhaps the shells wouldn't generate enough gas, but the FAL does have an adjustable gas system.


Just to see, a 12 gauge 2.75" shell is short enough to fit into a FAL mag, but the rim is too wide (forgot about rim versus rimless). Though, looks like a 20 or 28 gauge shell could probably fit no problem.

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I'm all for crazy custom projects, but you may have too much time on your hands with the COVID-19 quarantine.
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Couldn't you do a .410 with a 45 conversion barrel and such?
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Originally Posted by kotengu View Post
I'm all for crazy custom projects, but you may have too much time on your hands with the COVID-19 quarantine.

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28, or 20 bore for the barrel, maybe! Magazines would be a limiting factor, let alone the rails - gigilileeee would have a say! Or simply 18 in a 30 round mag/410 conversion, would be great for Pigeon in the Pea harvest, and more manly than a .22lr conversion - though a great option for the neighbour's cat.
Back in the day, we had trainer smellies in 22lr - I always remember the notion of 'throwing a thread, where a rope would be better', when thinking of those rifles, a 22lr in 303, fiddly!! A smle in 410, aren't they single shot? There was an 8mm Fal about at one time I seem to recall - haven't heard of a Fal shotgun yet!
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