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Cool Inventory on Paco's reference pics for FN FAL and other goodies

Hi folks,

I have been posting original FAL stuff for years now. Still receive many questions on itmes that i already posted. Somehow it seems to be impossible to get a sticky on my inventory. Breaks my hart to see a "sticky" on a Dutch clone... Serious?

So, since i'm stuck with a lock down in Belgium due to the virus, i'll make one for you. And sorry allready for "GP", some pics are in High resolution. I tought collectors would love it for research. Sorry if his blood pressure rises for that.

All you see is 100% original, NO clones, no builds, just real deal as reference.
Her we go...


Belgian army FN FAL M1
Belgian Army FN FAL M1 didactical, 1 of 200 made.
Belgian army FN FAL M2
Belgian army FN FAL M3
Belgian army M1+M2+M3 family pics
Belgian gendarmerie+army FN FAL M5
Belgian Army FAL instruction posters
Belgian Army F2000+40mm
Belgian Army .50 Cal FAL
Belgian Army FN BAR didactical

FN CAL rifle
FN 1910-1922 pistols

Luxembourg Gendarmerie FAL M1
Luxembourg Army FN FALO + OIP scope AL


Dutch army cutaway FAL Serial H1
Dutch army FAL tool gauge boxes
Dutch army FAL Phillips Nightvision scope

Dutch army FN FAL variant1 by Artillerie Inrichtingen
Dutch army variant2 FN made FAL
Dutch army variant3 FN FALO heavy Barrel

Dutch army FN FAL variant 4 Marine

Dutch army FN FAL variant 5 Sniper with KRR62 scope

Dutch army spareparts in there blisters
Little things you didn't know about the Dutch FAL
And more
Dutch army FAL's, all kinds
Dutch army FN FAL .22LR training kit, one of two delivered
Dutch army, last official shots fired with there FN FAL
and part2
Dutch Army FN MAG58 artic trial version

Dutch Army didactical FAL pannel

South Africa

South African FAL R1 with hidden message in the handguard


Austrian STG58 Early FN made

Civilian FAL's

FAL G series
FN last batch FAL's serials 170xxxx
FAL G-series

FN FAL selective firing, not a g-series, long FH.

Special FAL's
Weird Argentin ANC FAL

Random nice rifles/pistols and machine guns

Belgium + FN Herstal
FN FN49 serial number 09

Belgian Army FN BAR Model D machinegun

Belgian Army BAR display

Belgian Army FN Minimi
Belgian Army FN49 Bayonet training rifle
Rare and Special FNC sniper stock

Belgian Army FN 1889 mauser WW1
Indonesian FNC Pindad SS1 versus Belgian FN FNC
Belgian FNc's

Just nice FN stuf like MP12...

And more FN stuf

The brown 1906 FN pistol

The one millionth FN made pistol of mr John Moses Browning
FN highpower pistols, nice

Swiss Minimi

USA + US Army

US army M14 rifle FA
US army M1 garand Dutch police contract


German FG42/2, unfired (yep!)
German STG44
German Izzy Mg34


Micro uzi IMI FA!
Micro Galil, gift to a famous General[/URL]

Special systems, bullpup...

Four different bullpups AUG, FAMAS, L85 SA80

French Army FAMAS bullpup

I think you need to clean your screen now with all this gunporn
If you see i missed a spot, just say so and i'll adjust.
i'll update this one each time i put reference pics on the falfiles.

Some mancave pics

Paco out

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