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WTK current value of Veny FN 49? Odd markings - Goose?

I'm photographing a Veny FN 49 for a friend who wishes to sell it. GB has a Lux and a Columbian in the 1700+ range (no bids) and it seems the Egyptian in typical condition go for around $800. The only Veny I've had was an unfired one back in the 90s I think I sold for $1200. But it was still in the arsenal packing grease with a gorgeous stock.

This one has NER 12 B 07030 hand engraved on both the receiver and the stock. If this is original from Venezuela, it would either increase value, or have no affect. If it is after surplusing, it would decrease value. I can't find any military unit that would "NER"

FP safety bolt is number matched to the cover and receiver, but the bolt carrier is not numbered.

No cartouches which I understand is correct for a sub 2000 serial number (1848)

Bore is clean with no pitting

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Wonder if this is some Sandinista or Cuban add on numbers.........
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After looking at hundreds of Venezuelan contract rifles over the years, I do not recall ever seeing any markings like those. So, I would expect that those were applied by a prior owner at some point since the rifles were imported more than 50 years ago.

Value? You know how GunBroker is - it all depends on who is bidding. High condition Vens have broken the $2k barrier and "shooters" still exceed $1k if the right bidders are playing. The markings on this rifle detract from collector value and the dings in the wood do as well. So, if it was my rifle, I would probably list it on Gunbroker starting at $900 and see where it went. Other folks might start it at $1200 and if it doesn't get a bid then readjust and relist.

On the bolt carrier, it should be serialized - the early rifles were serialized on the back of the bolt carrier, just below the hole for the return springs.
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