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I've been really, really happy with a pair of Leica Duovid 10-15x50 binos I was gifted about 6 years ago.
Outstanding glass, no edge distortion, bright in low light, and they work great for general spotting at 10x and counting points at 15x.
I use them with a lightweight Vortex Summit SS-P tripod when I'm hunting on foot here in Nevada and leave the heavy 25-75x spotting scope in the truck.
Are they extremely expensive...yep, but once you get used to outstanding glass you just can't go back.
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Originally Posted by OMCHamlin View Post
Long around 1995, I was an Opticalman First Class stationed aboard the USS Frank Cable (AS40), home ported in Charleston, SC. Our most unique rate has been disestablished since about 2000, but in the day, our primary mission on a Sub Tender was maintenance of the attack and observation periscopes installed on submarines, Kollmorgan & Sperry were the maker of most of those back then.

We also overhauled Navy 7x50 binos, as well as NVG, sextants, stadimeters, ships big eyes and so forth. My Chief was a guy named Earl Osborn, and he was one sharp guy to work for.

One day, he brought in a pair of Carl Zeiss aus Jena EDF 7x40 East German Military Binoculars and had me check them out. They were brand spanking new, and although I felt that we did an excellent job overhauling our WWII (and before) vintage Navy issue binos, the clarity experienced looking through these Warsaw Pact optics was unbelievable and truly blew our best efforts away. They were pretty pricey on E6 pay, but I bought them from him and I believe he got them through an outfit called Deutsch Optik. I have seen many well made binoculars since then, but none that I would trade for those.
There is a pair on eBay right now, but hard to say what shape those are in.

Earl retired and went to work for Deutsch Optik (I think) and also went into business for himself, repairing/restoring optics from all over the world. He was a good Chief and I learned a lot from him. And he sold me some great binos...
i have a set of edf i bought from deutche optik in the early 90's . still have the box etc that came with it. they are best i have ever looked through.
mine still had the tritium rangefinder and IR filter. the tritium is dead after all these years and i am trying to find a plce that can change it out. anyone have any leads?
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I think finding a Class-A optics technician to open those EDF 7x40's might be tough. I bought my set NOS from Deutsch Optic in 1991 and the tritium was fresh but also dead now. Then they had a service guy that could take out the reticle if so desired. Don't think it is worth the risk to open up a factory built unit to replace the tritium.
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