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Stolen Guns Watch List

This is the watch list for stolen firearms.

If you need to post any lost / stolen firearms please do the following:
1. Start a new Topic regarding your stolen weapons.

2. Add the details to your thread regarding the Make, Model, Serial Numbers (if known) and any special / distinguishing features of the weapons which were lost. The more info you can provide the better. Be sure to include the city/state where they were lost or stolen from. If a police report was filed you may wish to post the complaint number / police department information.

3. Once you have submitted the new thread, copy / paste the stolen weapons details that you put in the new thread here along with a link to your thread so that any responses / questions can be posted there.

If you have questions about the stolen firearms or If you think you have located a firearm listed:
If you have a question concerning one of the firearms listed here, please post in the thread relating to that weapon. This thread is for the list of weapons that are stolen/missing and any questions need to be asked in the original posters thread not here.

If you think you have located one of the firearms listed please Contact the person who posted the weapons as stolen with the details in order to confirm the identity of the weapon and give any details on where it was seen etc.. as needed.

DO NOT Post Questions to this thread concerning the firearms listed. Use the links to the original threads to post any questions, sightings, etc.
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Currently Active Stolen Guns Listings:

Boulevard Pawn Shop - Fayetteville, NC

Stolen Guns in CO

Stolen Guns in WA

Stolen Guns in Newport, NH
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Stolen Guns from Coville WA on 11-10/11-02

List of guns stolen on Nov. 10/11 of 2002 from a residence outside Colville WA:

2 AR15s, both are Colts, one is a SP1 for sure, the other mondel number is unknown, one had an OEG mounted on the carry handle.
.22 caliber auto pistol "nickle or stainless finish"
Star 9mm blued (probably a model 30)
Star 45acp, model unknown,blued
Colt 1911 45acp Stainless with wood grips,
Taurus PT111 polymer frame/blue slide serial number # TRB-77139
Custom FN Mauser action, chambered in .308 Norma Magnum, has a black laminated stock and a matte Burris scope. Ammo for this rifle is made from .300 H&H brass.
Beretta shotgun, 12 ga. wood stock marked "1979 SKB 500 5526229"
12 ga Synthetic stock shotgun "tactical style" (no other details)
.22 rifle with a wooden stock (no other details) *Everyone look for this one please *
Thanks for your time folks,
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Here you go:

I've created a website that lists all the guns stolen on Oct. 22, 2002 from one of my favorite shops. Note: I am not an employee- just a loyal customer seeking to help out.

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Guns Stolen in Colorado:

2 rifles in Edgewater, CO on 12/7/2002.

1 SAR-48 Paratrooper Model, Serial #: SA-1282x, 18" barrel, including short/combo bayonet/sheath;


1 IAI M-444 in its standard configuration, Serial # PAC-837x, 21" barrel;

both in black Docksil luggage-style cases.

Case #02-4704 with the Edgewater, CO police; Officer C. Metcalfe investigating.

Thanks for any help.

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had my house broken into a little while ago and saw you have a posting for stolen guns. this was in san antonio TX.

they took:

century L1A1: serial: CA01149

century G3: serial: G26845 (G3 has vertical "rip" in reciever)

century SAR2: serial:S206018-2002 Had romanian red synthetic foregrip and 30mm red dot scope

Fanchi LAW 12 semiauto shotgun: serial: S83-014

CZ 70: serial: 2674739

Sig Sauer P226: U141093

if anybody sees a POS FAL at a range in texas with the owner cursing and throwing stuff constantly as the gun fails to feed properly check the serial !!

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stolen Ruger MKII

this one has been gone for a while, but I figured I would post it anyway....

Ruger MKII frame...bare metal receiver with aftermarket 5.5"HB...the front site is stock Ruger, but since the new bbl is slightly larger diameter, it doesn't quite sit plastic grips..
serial 19-73870

police report filed....
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> Dirt
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I updated my Newport, NH thread above because the Serbus have both been recovered and an arrest made. It probably should be moved to this forum because it topped in the Non-Firearms forums.
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Have you guys had any success with posting all of this info? No offense but I think that its a waste of time because I think the chances of you finding stolen firearms from a website are going to be very rare.

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I should have posted this a long time ago but....

West Virginia and surrounding areas be on the lookout for a Springfield Armory M1A with a USGI Sako normal contour NM barrel, rest of the parts are TRW and NM parts in a light blonde M14 stock with DAS cartouche. I can provide the SN in subsequent posts, I have to look for it.

It was previously sent to Mike Kelly Specialties in Feb 2000 and was probably seized by BATF(E) around January of 2002 when their rewelded receivers were judged as still MG's. I'm curious to see if it might be floating around out there in or in a pawn shop or private owners home.
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Angry Guns STOLEN today

Firearms Stolen from my Fathers house today

My Dad's house was hit today . He lives near Conroe , Texas .
The following was taken :

1. Interport 91 green stocks , ARMs scope mount , H & K 3 point sling
with 22 (20 Rd) mags, serial # 91AE0069

2. Bushmaster M17S with 4X scope and black sling , 10 (30 Rd) mags

3. Winchester Defender Shotgun, serial# L1971647

4. CZ-52 with holster & extra mag, serial# LB5315

5. Taurus 357 magnum revolver, serial# KJ512928

They took the complete safe out of the house , inside were the above weapons
and several hundred rounds of ammo , cleaning accessories , and items we are
still trying to list (remember) .

If anyone has any info to thefts in the Royal Forest / Willis , Texas / Conroe , Tx.
areas please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department .

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Ok, mine was stolen in late 1997 from my parents house in Trenton, NJ. I believe it is still listen in NCIC so contact with a local PD should confirm its status if located. The firearm was a S&W 625 with a 3" barrel. The serial number was BEN8830. I'm sure that it will never turn up at this point, but the PD keeps sending letters that it is still in NCIC. Email me at should you have any information.

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Sportsman's Den- CA [theft; murder of owner Gary Flynn]

Originally posted by Jen
Currently Active Stolen Guns Listings:

Boulevard Pawn Shop - Fayetteville, NC

Stolen Guns in CO

Stolen Guns in WA

Stolen Guns in Newport, NH
I'm adding the following list of those taken in the armed robbery and murder of an Oakhurst, California gunshop in which gunshop owner Gary Flynn, one of the BCRs from the Subguns board, was killed.

But it strikes me that it'd be helpful that when a list of stolen guns is added to to this thread, it'll be helpful if the two-letter state abbreviation is included in the subject line. That'd be particularly useful for those vacationing or catching gun shows or shoots in other states, as well as for a reference check when shopping nearer to home.


************************************************** *******

Oakhurst, California -

Madera County Sheriff's Detectives and deputies are still looking for any witnesses who were near the Sportsman's Den gun shop in Oakhurst, California on April 25, 2001 between 2:30 and 3:15 Pacific Standard time.

It was during this window of time that an unknown assailant entered the store and murdered owner Gary Albert Flynn, 61, of Oakhurst with a single execution-style shot to the back of the head.

Sheriff's Detectives feel that robbery was the motive.

Gun collectors, gun shop owners, and firearms affectionados are asked to be on the lookout for the following firearms:

BERETTA - TOMCAT - .32ACP - Ser.# DAA292308

RUGER - P89 T - 9mm - Ser.# 31432832

RUGER - REDHAWK - .454 - Ser.# 55171404

RUGER - 22/45 - .22LR - Ser.# 22415040

RUGER - SP 101 - .357Mag. - Ser.# 57298878

RUGER - MK 687 - .22LR - Ser.# 2337888

TAURUS - 85 - .38 Spl. - TD20693

GLOCK - 23 - .40 - DZX218US

GLOCK - 24 - .40 - BNY257US

GLOCK - 27 - .40 - DZC183US

GLOCK - 36 - .45 ACP - DWM064US

PARA ORD - P12-45SR - .45 ACP - QF4410

PARA ORD - D7-45E - .45 ACP - DS1561

PARA ORD - S14-45SR - .45 ACP - HM9382

If you see any of these firearms you are asked to please contact:


(559) 642-3201 ANYTIME.

************************************************** ************

Oakhurst, California 4/25/01 -

California Gun Store owner Gary Flynn was brutally murdered in his store, The Sportman's Den between 2pm and 3pm Pacific Daylight time by a single armed gunman. The store was then robbed.

The 61 year old Flynn was taken into the back of his store and executed with a shot to the back of the head after opening his safe for his killer.

The murderer then made off with approximately twenty to thirty pistols.

The firearms had been stored in the safe due to their being placed on the State of California list of those firearms that are deemed, "Not safe for sale" in the state as of January first of this year.

Flynn was very well liked in the community for his kindness and great sense of humor.

"He was a big man with a big heart," shared his good friend, J. R. Froelich.

Madera County Sheriff's spokesperson Rita Valdavia says that they need public help in coming forward with any information regarding the murder and robbery. Witnesses or those with any helpful information may call Madera County Sheriff's Department at (559) 675-7769 and ask for Homicide.

************************************************** *************
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Cliff M
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These guns were taken in a burglary of my home. Mesquite Texas Police
service number 93085315. Large reward for the arrest and conviction of
person or persons involved.

Armscorp LSR(FAL) serial # 00149
Galil ARM serial # AAL-2077399
Hungarian AKM serial # SM00419
all the above are pre ban
Inland M1 Carbine serial # 6774865
Colt 1911/45 Series 70 serial # FG12991
Walther P4/9MM serial # 605064

Large coin collection of Silver Dollars,Half Dollars,quarters and dimes.
100 year old pocket watch inherited from Grandfather.

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Stolen pre-ban weapons in NH
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The MOST important thing is for the Police to get the serial number and all pertinent information so that the stolen firearms can be listed in the NCIC files as stolen. This allows officers to check the serial numbers on weapons confiscated or on weapons that are questionable. I have personally recovered a small collection while investigating a Family Violence Assault. I can not stress enough how important that it is to have that information available and provide it. My firearms serial numbers/info (credit cards also) are listed on a floppy disk and stored at a friends residence in his gun safe and I did the same for him.
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oz in SC
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Stolen yesterday(December 5 2003) from our house in Beaufort SC:

STG58 Sporter
18" carbine.
Brass marks on cover and metal bipod cut handguards.
Imbel no logo reciever
Serial# 128030

Taurus 357 revolver
Model 605
5 shot blued factory rubber grips
Serial# SF 40354

Llama Super Comanche
44 mag
Blued with wood grips.
Serial# at a later date.

Thanks and I hope the ##$%%^&'s who stole them rot in HELL!!!!
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Stolen at BigTown show
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The following items were stolen on 2/11/05. Contact Louisiana State Police at 504-471-2720.

McMillian M86 .308 Sniper Rifle Serial # 10666
Robor SR60 .223 Sniper Rifle Serial # E6236360
Remington 870 Shotgun 14" barrel Serial # B912145M
Colt AR-15A2 Carbine Serial # LGC021816
Kigre Simrad KN nightvision scope Serial # 2796
Litton M-983 Nightvision Monocular Serial # 517914
Safariland Duty Vest Serial # 1000126

Numerous other SWAT team type gear was also stolen
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Property stolen from a residence in Tennessee on Nov 22, 1997.

Mitchell Arms Model High Standard Bolt-action rifle Model m9301, cal. .22LR, Serial# 690581

MAK-91 National Match semi-auto rifle, cal. 7.62x39 Russian, Norinco, had a brown painted thumbhole stock when stolen, heavy barrrel with bipod, serial # 9302007

SKS Carbine, Norinco, semi-auto rifle, Black zytel monte-carlo style stock, cal. 7.62x39 Russian, 16.5" barrel, Serial 8068451

Russian M1891 bolt action rifle, dated 1898, 29 inch barrel which was painted grey, black painted wood stock, cal. 7.62x54 Russian, serial # unknown

M1 Garand rifle, wood stock, Winchester receiver, cal. 30/06, serial # 158280

Browning BL-22 Lever action, cal. 22LR, serial # 11556RR126

Browning Buckmark cal. 22LR, serial # 655NZ05424

If you have any information regarding these firearms, please contact the Oak Ridge Police Department at 865-425-4399 and email me at
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Court in Fl
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One of the custom numbered and custom marked D.C. Industries
FAL receivers was lost by FedEx when being shipped.

It was last seen in Eden Prairie, MN on July 15th. 2005.

It is marked , D.C. Industries, STG-58, Cal. 7.62
SN# 86779

This receiver is now on the ATF list of Lost & Stolen Firearms.

Thank you, Court in FL.
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Stolen from St. Cloud area

Detonic sized Essex marked frame
ser # C489
Flat top slide
Twin to this one that was recovered
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Mr. Pink
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burglary link

Now then 3 of the s/n's should be in NCIC by now so....

Stolen From B'ham Al:

1) FN30-11 built on a vz24 98 action S/n GR207 has a farrel scope mount and an 8x40 tasco custom shop mildot with side parallax. Barrel is a non contoured blank 1.125" in diameter with a step type crown. Parkerized finish and a very heavy gun.

2)Imbel R1A1 s/n 129128 This is one of the century guns with the non threaded steyr barrels open eared gas block, FSE HTS, and an ironwood butt otherwise stock.

3)Norinco AK56S1 (underfolder ak-47) S/n 520xxx preban imported by Sile Ny totally stock except for an aftermarket flash hider screw on there. I still have the origional slash cut.

4)AR-15 S/N JJ8778 mostly a tapco A2 kit on an olympic lower. nuttin special 'cept it was mine

Edited to add the Norinco was recovered February 21st. It is sitting in the propery room downtown awaiting testing. Once it clears ballistics it is mine...
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Burglary of 11-14-04

Following are weapons stolen on 11-14-04 from my home in Louisville, KY:


1. Colt Combat Commander cal .45 ACP #70BS42589; Semi-automatic w/ black Pachmayer wrap-around rubber grips and mainspring housing, skeleton adjustable trigger, custom engine-turned barrel, custom "melted" adjustable sights. Full-length guide rod. In black injection molded (Kydex) holster

2. AMT Hardballer cal. .45 ACP #A01431; Semi-automatic. Matte stainless steel, flat mainspring housing, adjustable sights, w/ walnut grips and adjustable trigger. Copy of Colt Government Model.

3. Luger cal. 9mm Parabellum, Semi-automatic. Mixed numbers but appears to be #457 w/ barrel marked "1915". Plastic grips. Was in black leather replica holster w/ extra magazine.

4. Dan Wesson cal. .357 Mag. Revolver #91096, 6" vented rib, heavy barrel shroud, Pachmayer black rubber grips mounted and two other hardwood grips in black plastic pistol rug.

5. Smith & Wesson Model 57 cal. .41 Mag. Revolver, #N389315, target trigger, target hammer and target sights with 8-3/8" barrel, Pachmayer black rubber grips. Complete w/ wood presentation case.


1. Arsenal SLR 101-S cal.7.62x39mm #AD 40 0465. Semi-automatic. Bulgarian-made milled AK47 variant w/ 16" barrel and black synthetic furniture. Russian "Kobra" red-dot electronic sight. One ten, one thirty and one forty round magazine.

2. Saiga Sport Carbine cal. .308 Win. Russian-made rifle, #HO 2734004; Semi-automatic. AK47 variant w/ 16" barrel; black synthetic furniture, 8 round detachable magazine. No pistol grip or flash hider/muzzle brake. Russian 4x military scope w/ illuminated Dragunov type reticule. After-market laser sight.

3. Century Arms C.E.T.M.E. cal. .308 Win. Spanish Army assault rifle; #C28450. 17-1/2" (?) barrel w/ muzzle brake and wood furniture (other than pistol grip). Semi-automatic. Rifle consists of a Century Arms receiver w/ surplus parts. One surplus five round, several surplus twenty round, and one after-market 30 round detachable magazines.

4. Century Arms R1A1 Sporter (L1A1 “inch” version of FN FAL the British assault rifle), cal. .308 Win., #NC001456 (number found on lower right side of receiver). Semi-automatic, with 17” barrel and muzzle brake. Black w/ black plastic furniture, including add-on cheek rest. Rifle consists of Century Arms receiver w/ surplus parts (other than the barrel). Mismatched serial numbers on other parts. Added an aftermarket receiver top cover w/ built-in Picatinny rail. Russian "Kobra" red-dot sight. Multiple twenty-round magazines. Added after-market black plastic cheek rest on comb of stock.

5. PTR-91, (copy of German army assault rifle - HK-91), by JLD Enterprises, Inc., of Conn. cal. 7.62 NATO, #A0815. Semi-automatic. Black polymer furniture, drum-type peep sights adjustable for windage and elevation; one 20 round. magazine. No muzzle brake.

Multiple magazines for each rifle and handgun and cases for each firearm.

Information on location of any of the weapons may be provided to the Louisville Metro Police Dept.


John M. Nader
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Make it difficult for the SOBs

Hi guys, I think I can add something to this post. Way back a few years, I had a co-worker that got broken into while he was at work, and they ripped him off for his entire collection EXCEPT for his high-end Weatherby. Can you guess why they left it... (ponder for a second) Okay, times up. It was completely field-stripped and left out in the open on the coffee table. These clowns probably didn't know how to put it back together! If one were to make it difficult by stripping down the key components, and making these more of a 'hard target' as it were, I think that there would be less likely a chance of being ripped-off. I hate to say it, but the more people that know about your 'cool collection', the greater the likelihood that a 'friend of a friends friend' will want to relieve you of it, sad to say. Anyhow, don't make it too easy. The last thing we need is to help arm the criminal element. Take care, and watch your six. [TK]
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Sean Sanderson (ThatFALGuy) - Has Stolen Gun Items

Sean Sanderson of NY has stolen $400+ of gun items and bullets from me. DO NOT buy trade or sell to him. He appears nice and respectful at first then disappears.

Last known address;

Sean Sanderson
Springfield Center, New York, 13468

ThatFALGuy2 (ARFCOM user name)
ThatFALGuy (FALfiles user name)

See here for details
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SBR stolen.

These two NFA,Reg. SBR's stolen in Ohio.
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This issue has been resolved a long time ago about ThatFALGuy not paying me for products sent. He squelched on the deal but eventually with enough pressure he returned most of the items.
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thread here

While on consignment with Lloyd's Gunsmithing my Springfield Armory M1911A1(SN# N376128) was stolen from the Kenny Woods Gun Show in Lexington, KY on 6 January 2007. It is a 5" gun that is set up similar to the current "Loaded" models(speed bump beavertail grip safety, extended thumb safety, ejection port lower/flare) and the following unique features:

- Novak bar dot night sights, but the Novak rear has been cut so it has a flat for one hand slide racking resulting in a profile similar to a Heinie rear after the mod and a fair amount of finish wear on these

- Entire pistol(other than front sight edges) had all the edges severely "melted" so if a 1911 has an appearance like a used bar of soap take a closer look

- front strap and arched mainspring housing are stippled

- Frame, slide, and most external small parts were finished with park grey Duracoat(carried little since this was applied so there will be an odd look between this near new finish and the night sights,) hammer was left in the white, and the barrel was finished in Metalife so it has almost a Beretta stainless look to it. *Entire pistol was finished in Metalife before the Duracoat overcoat so if the POS read the details sign during the theft this may come up*

- Grip panels are the old USGI brown plastic with straight head screws

- short, black plastic trigger with the overtravel stop screw removed

If anyone sees this pop up please shoot me a message and/or contact Detective Todd McClure of the Lexington PD @ 859-258-3713

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RE: Stolen Colt .45 Automatic-Charlotte, NC

Colt Gunsite .45 ACP stolen from my truck on Saturday 16 February 07 between 9:00pm - 12:00 midnight while parked at the Doubletree Hotel Charlotte, NC airport. Description of pistol as follows:

Firearm Manufacturer: Colt
Type: 1911 Government Automatic
Model: Colt Gunsite Pistol
Finish: Matte Stainless Steel Frame & Side
Caliber: .45 ACP
Serial Number: CGP0447

Right-Hand Side Marking Detail
Slide: "Colt Government Model" w/ Gunsite 'Eagle' logo
Frame: "Colts PT.FA. MFG. CO. Hartford, Conn. U.S.A."

Left-Hand Side Marking Detail
Slide: "Colt Gunsite Pistol"
Frame: (no other markings on frame)

Notable Custom Features
Ambidextrous Safety
Extended Slide Stop
Arched Mainspring Housing
Full Length Recoli Guide Rod
Black Hard Rubber Checkered Grip Panels

Given the items stolen from 5 vehicles that were in the same in the parking lot I would speculate that this pistol may show up in a local pawn shop. Anyone with information relative to this stolen handgun should contact either myself via e-mail/PM or officer J.D. Walker (badge # 3675) at the Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department @ (704) 432-2442.

Thank you

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t332- I'm up the road in Coolidge. I assume Thomas S.O or the PD made a report (I didn't see anything in the paper about it). Things seem to migrate between Thomas and Colquitt counties, so check the pawn shops in Moultrie (there are 3). Don't expect help from the locals in Moultrie. I've heard them say that since it isn't their stuff, they don't care if yoou get it back. Good luck.
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Seven of my prized possessions were stolen Friday night. A Daewoo Dr200, Imbel on Imbel NGL FAL, Century G-3, Interport G3 with Collalisble Stock, a SKS D, SLR 95 milled receiver AK, and a Romanain G Rivet build SA-85 hungarian clone. This happened Friday night. I am offering a $1,000 reward to anyone that can help help me get my guns back. All were in Blackhawk tactical cases. Please check out the link it has all the info except the G3s which will follow. This happened in Thomasville, GA 30 minutes from Tallahassee, FL.

Serial Numbers and Pics at this link.

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Bug Tussell
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This rifle with the mags was stolen enroute to Brewer, Maine around Jan 11, 2008:

SN is CA33758.

Shipper was USPS.
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oz in SC
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Stolen 8/18/08 Taurus Tracker .357,Remington 870,Imbel FAL,Century FAL.

Taurus Tracker,stainless steel 7 shot .357, 4'' barrel.
Serial # ZF 399729

Remington 870 Express Magnum.
12g, 18'' barrel.
Serial# 13513074M

FAL type rifle.
R1A1 sporter,Century receiver.
21'' barrel,L1 furniture.
Serial # CA 00265

Imbel FAL.
Imbel receiver.
18'' barrel.
Serial # 136044.

Location Beaufort SC.
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Stolen guns Saint Pete, Fl

Link to thread:

I post because I care. Really... I do... Stop laughing
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Stolen from Sparta MO. century r1a1 metric which I built. Ser # is CA33650. The individual who stole it along with some of my other firearms is in jail at this time facing charges. We recovered all but 2 rifles, This fal and a yugo sks Ser#10199 in new condition. He wont give info on the falor yugo. Evidently he allready sold them. If anyone has info, you can contact the Sparta Police Dept at 417-634-4061 or me directly at 417-380-3250.

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Trying to put this in stolen guns watch list: (This Is In Colorado).
My buddy's place by Cripple Creek was burgled about 3 weeks ago. He had an Auto Ordanance 45, 1911A1, parkerized, govt model removed from his house. They left the plastic box that the pistol came in. Serial # is AOA02868. People broke in, kicked the walls in, stole money, binocs, old video camcorder, etc., etc. Teller County, Colorado Sheriffs Office investigated.
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So the dude calls me the other day and tells me the sheriff called him and told him to come and pick up his gun, they busted up a small gang of punks that had been hitting these vacation homes around the area. Couldn't believe it.
Soooooo, disregard my last post.
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My father in laws little 380 was stolen about 7 years ago(from Northern CA) it back from LA sherifs dep.

Assholes "cops"used an engraver and put a list of "case numbers" i guess along the slide..looks like a kid engraved it..jerk offs

well..I guess thanks for getting it back in the owners hand
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Stolen pre-ban Argentine FAL

My pre-ban Argentine FAL was stolen in Arizona. The serial number on the upper was 02953. I didn't record the serial number of the lower. It was in excellent condition. PM much appreciated if you see it.

There was a sealed case of 7.62 Argentine (matching ammo!) along with lots of other guns and ammo taken at the same time. Other 7.62 ammo includes Radway Green, Portuguese, South African, and several original M-60 belts (Lake City) in canvas assault packs.
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These were taken from my place near Caldwell, Idaho on 12/30/13

Ruger 10-22 SN#237-03439

50 BMG Homebuilt SN#001 Marked Mace, CAL 50, 001 on lower and safety harbor SHTF on upper. Also has 20x scope on larue tactical mount.

Homebuilt AR15 SN#002 20" rifle with fixed stock and "flat top" upper receiver. Lower marked MACE, CAL 5.56, 002

Century AR15 SN#JTM04134 A2 type rifle with FN marked barrel

BM-59 SN#0000663

C93 SN#C9301782 A bin with approximately 13 extra mags was also taken

Nodak Spud AR15 SN#C00648 This rifle has painted green stock and handguards, and has a .22lr conversion kit

FN shotgun SN#FL02956 With pistol grip and homemade muzzle device

Armalite AR-180B SN#201259 Has A2 flash suppressor, and Armalite bayonet lug installed. (This rifle was recovered)

Remington 700 SN#S6291078 OD green finish, flaking off in some places and leupold tactical scope, bipod, sling, left handed cheek piece

Soumi M31 homebuilt SN#001 stamped at rear of receiver also MACE M31 stamps same area

Australian FAL carbine SN#IM2980 16" barrel, wood stock and handguards, AR type flash suppressor, and folding rear sight.

Romanian PSL (Dragunov) SN#R5363-03

Mossberg 590 SN#R549690 This shotgun has the factory heat sheld AND ghost ring sights. This shotgun has the factory heat sheld AND ghost ring sights. Front sight was recently welded on, and welds were not "cleaned up"

SKS SN#11504902 This rifle has a wood stock. The stock is missing the buttplate, and the recoil bolt.

Lee-Enfield No.5 “Jungle Carbine” SN#T4442 dated 2/45

Approximately 20 AK-74 magazines, 14 PPS-43 magazines, and 25 HK91 magazines.

Approximately 350 rds 5.56x45(.223) XM855 ammunition, in marked can. Ammo is on clips in cardboard containers inside can.

If found please notify Canyon County Sheriff's Office at 208-454-7531 Case number C13-31519
Making the world a better round at a time.

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1. Sig P226 U170888 9mm. Missing sights. Recovered by Euclid Police, waiting for return.
2. Ruger Single Six .22lr 73977
3. Ruger Mark II 50th Anniversary 223-42837 .22lr
4. Luger BYF42 3392 9mm. Recovered by myself at a Medina Gun show.
5. Century Arms L1A1 Sporter 124993 .308 Winchester
6. Springfield Armory M-1A Loaded 231473 .308 Winchester
7. Springfield Armory Model 1892 Krag Jorgenson 6709 .30/40. Has Kerr NoBuckle sling
8. Remington 03a3 Sporterized 3889839 .30/06
9. Harrington and Richardson M-1 Garand 4787714 .30/06 Leather sling
10. Winchester Model 1897 E525832 12gauge. Replacement barrel, scratch on left of receiver ring
11. Remington P-14 409052 .303 British. Has potbelly stock
12. SSA No.1 MkIII R30648 .303 British. Khaki web sling
13. Iver Johnson M-1 carbine IJ01171 9mm. GI web sling
14. Savage Model 1917 244308 .32acp
15. Savage Model 1917 247536 .32acp
16. Colt M-1917 80409 .45acp
17. Colt Detective Special 668942 .38special
18. Colt Diamondback R21332 .38special
19. Colt Official Police 675625 .38 special. Marked MSPD on butt
20. Colt Trooper 54262 .357 Magnum. Lot of muzzle wear
21. Colt Woodsman 121321-S .22lr
22. Smith and Wesson M1917 78331 .45acp. Reblued with pitting under bluing
23. Smith and Wesson Model 28-2 N18393 .357 Magnum. Recovered by Cleveland Police Department, waiting for return.
24. Remington Model 51 PA5133
25. CZ52 FK12806. Has a 9mm barrel
26. Plainfield M-1 carbine .30 carbine. Loose handguard with a bit of cardboard under lip of handguard
27. Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge. 5 shot Parkerized broken butt plate and missing pommel cap
28. Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge. 8-shot Blued Deerslayer. Cold bluing touchups

These were stolen from my home last Tuesday in Cleveland.

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Question 9mm High-Power missing

Argentinian 9mm high-power. Stolen from Hopewell twp. Beaver County, PA-
FM Rosario stamped and has Pachmayr right hand grips. Pistol is a bastard assembly and faults and tight parts makes it freakishly accurate. All flat black- finish- Serial number = 330313 + three mags. Most of you know the value of this pistol so the One and only Reason is to make sure it is not on the streets. The police were notified.
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Just out of interest, has any stolen firearm ever been recovered as a direct result of listing it here?
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Thanks for sharing this info.
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S&W revolver

S&W 357 Mag Revolver
Model 686
SN# ADL8832
stolen from house in Mobile Al.

reward for return
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